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Medtalks around the globe: COVID 19

Medtalks around the globe: COVID 19

Dr KK Aggarwal
President CMAAO< HCFI and Past National President IMA
5th March 2020

1.               Italy has shut down all of its schools.
After effects: It has ripple effects: rising child care costs for parents, suppliers losing out on cafeteria food orders, babysitters and nannies in flux, and loneliness and tech glitches for kids in online classes.
2.                Stigma is real for ex-Diamond Princess passengers, even those without symptoms, as their friends ghost them, neighbors shun them and strangers threaten them.
3.               Los Angeles County declared a state of emergency as it confirmed six new cases, and the U.S. death toll reached 11 people.
4.               Cluster effect: A cluster of the virus grew in New York, as officials pledged to disinfect the subway regularly.
5.               Italy surpassed 3,000 cases and 100 deaths
Effect: population of six crore, 100 death, mortality 3.3 % like that of Wuhan city
6.                French officials discouraged the customary cheek-kiss greeting
Effect: Another No contact policy
7.               Britain saw a sharp increase to 85 cases, up from 51 on Tuesday.
8.                All eyes are on Holi next week, India’s huge festival that brings crowds across the country, after its cases jumped to 29.
9.               At least 95 countries and territories have imposed restrictions to limit travel between their regions and South Korea, including 36 total bans on South Korean citizens
10.            Italy: People remain on lockdown in the "red zone" of the outbreak, which includes 10 towns in the Lombardy region (which has 1,520 cases) and one in Veneto, according to the health ministry. In the affected areas, schools and universities have been closed and public events canceled; Italian officials are considering extending those shutdowns nationwide.
11.            Iran: Friday prayer gatherings has been canceled in every provincial capital. To stop the spread of infection, officials have shut down schools and universities and have canceled public gatherings such as concerts and sport events.

North America

·       1 new death in Washington state.      
·       1 new death in Placer County, CA (first death in California): an elderly adult with underlying health conditions.
·       12 new cases in Washington state: 10 in King County, 2 in Snohomish County
·       9 new cases in New York state including: 5 in Westchester County, 1: an attorney in his 50s in critical condition at New York-Presbyterian/Columbia University Irving Medical Center. The man has an underlying respiratory condition. The case is believed to be the city's first case of community spread      
·       1: a student at Yeshiva University      
·       12 new cases in California:
·       6 in Los Angeles County        L.A. County declares state of emergency.
·       2 in Orange County in Southern California: a man in his 60s and a woman in her 30s who had recently traveled to countries that have widespread reports of COVID-19
·       1 in Contra Costa County in Northern California      
·       3 in Santa Clara County in Northern California      
·       1 new case in Texas: in Fort Bend County      


·       1 new case in Croatia.      
·       First case in Slovenia: a person coming from Morocco via Italy.      
·       4 new cases in Ireland      
·       587 new cases and 28 new deaths in Italy. Total: 3,089 and 107 deaths             
·       Among the 2,706 active cases, 1,344 (50%) are hospitalized, 295 of which (representing 11% of active cases) are in intensive care.
·       Among the 383 closed cases, 276 (72%) have recovered, 107 (28%) have died.
·       All schools and universities in Italy closed until March 15 in an effort to contain the spread of coronavirus.      
·       First 2 cases in Hungary: two Iranian students who are asymptomatic but have been transported to St. Ladislaus Hospital, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán announced.      
·       22 new cases in Sweden: in Stockholm, Värmland, Västra Götaland, Örebro county and in Skåne.
·       The risk of an outbreak in Sweden is judged as "moderate." All cases in Sweden as of earlier today were linked to recent travel abroad ('import case') or contact with a confirmed import case.        Sweden's Public Health Agency expands its list of regions in Italy where recent travelers are advised to be vigilant about possible symptoms to include Aosta Valley, Liguria, Trentino-Alto Adige, Friuli Venezia Giulia and Tuscany.      
·       63 new cases and 1 new death in Spain.             
·       59 new cases in Germany      
·       73 new cases in France      
·       36 new cases in the UK: at least 29 were infected abroad.      
·       23 new cases in Norway: many are related to outbreaks abroad, mainly in Italy.             
·       12 new cases in Iceland: 6 new cases, 2 had come from Verona in northern Italy      
·       2 had traveled from Austria through Munich.
·       2: a male and a female in their 60s who also returned from Verona, Italy through Munich. "They have what can be called traditional flu symptoms, not very sick"      
·       2 new cases and 1 new recovery in Romania. The first of the new cases, asymptomatic, is the 16-years-old nephew of the 47-year-old man from Timisoara diagnosed with coronavirus yesterday.             
·       15 new cases in the Netherlands      
·       5 new cases in Denmark including the first in the Faroe Islands: a man who had been at a conference in Paris and returned on Feb. 24.      
·       5 new cases in San Marino, bringing the total to 15, of which 3 (aged 81, 80, and 76 years old) are in critical condition      
·       3 new cases in the Czech Republic: 2 are relatives of an infected case in Děčín, 1 is a woman from Prague.      
·       2 new cases in Greece: a person who had traveled to Israel and Egypt. He is hospitalized in Patras.   The husband of the previously confirmed case.      
·       10 new cases in Belgium, 9 of which returned from a trip to northern Italy and are now isolated at home after developing an upper respiratory infection with a relatively mild flu-like condition. 1 patient, who had not traveled but is a contact of a previous case who had traveled to Venice, developed a more severe respiratory infection and was therefore admitted to the Saint-Pierre hospital in Brussels.      
·       The European Defense Agency (EDA) in Brussels has confirmed that one of its employees has tested positive after returning last week from a trip to Italy, where the official had a meeting with around 30 officials from other EU institutions. EDA has canceled all scheduled meetings at its premises until March 13.      
·       1st case in Poland: a person who came from Germany and is now hospitalized in Zielona Góra (Lubusz Voivodeship) in good condition. All contacts have been placed into home quarantine. 584 tests have been performed in the country.      
·       2 new cases in Portugal: a 44-year-old man who came from Italy and is hospitalized at the São João Hospital, in Porto in stable condition and a woman in her 40s who had also traveled to Italy and is hospitalized in Lisbon.             
·       35 new cases in Switzerland      
·       2 new cases in Belarus, briging the total to 6: 4 in Minsk and 2 in the Vitebsk Region. More than 5,000 tests have been carried out      
·       2 new cases in Scotland (UK)      
·       5 new cases in Austria      


·       1 new case in the United Arab Emirates: a 16-year old girl in Dubai      
·       1 new case in Saudi Arabia: a Saudi citizen who had traveled to Iran      
·       3 new cases in Oman: 1 Omani citizen, 2 Iranian citizens.      
·       2 new deaths and 3 new cases in Iraq                    
·       2 new cases in Lebanon [ source]
·       3 new cases in Bahrain, bringing the total in the country to 52, including 1 recovered.       
·        586 new cases, 15 new deaths, and 117 new recoveries in Iran      
·       3 new cases in Israel: one of the patients returned from Italy on Feb. 29 and all three have been quarantined.

·       2 new cases in Senegal      
·       9 new cases in Algeria, bringing the total in the country to 17      

·       1 new case in Chile: the wife of the first case      
·       1 new case in Brazil (São Paulo)      
·       3 new cases in Ecuador: all relatives of a previously identified case.      
·       3 new cases in Canada (British Columbia)      

·       1 new case in New Zealand      
·       1 new death in Australia (NSW): a 95-year old woman. It’s the 2nd death in Australia.        and 11 new cases including:
·       2 in South Australia: a 40-year old woman who had visited Iran and a 24-year old woman.      
·       1 in Northern Territory: a 52-year-old tourist currently in isolation in Royal Darwin Hospital.      
·       1 in Queensland: a 26-year old man from Logan who had recently traveled to Iran.      

88  ASIA

·       2 new cases in Singapore.      
·       2 new cases in Hong Kong:   a 43-year-old man, who is the “master” of a Buddhist worship hall in North Point, where 16 people were infected previously.
·       a 57-year-old female domestic helper of two previously confirmed patients, who lived in southern Hong Kong Island.
·       38 new cases in Japan                                         
·       14 new cases in Malaysia, all associated with a local cluster linked to case #26. So far, 21 out of the 50 cases have been linked to this cluster: 16 close contacts and 5 secondary contacts.       
·       22 new cases in India, including a group of 15 Italian tourists             
·       119 new cases, 38 new deaths (37 in Hubei) and 2,652 new discharges occurred in China on March 3, as reported by the National Health Commission (NHC) of China.      
·       435 new cases and 2 deaths in South Korea, including a 86 years old woman who had tested positive on Feb. 26.                            .

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