Monday, May 30, 2011

Are doctors safe during their practice

1.       Jail inmates beat doctor to death in Gopalganj: A doctor, Bhudev Singh, died in Patna Medicaol College hours after he was beaten up by some inmates of a district jail in Gopalganj district of Bihar on Sunday.
2.        The crashed air ambulance carrying the patient violated air norms:  The air ambulance that crashed in Faridabad killing 10 people including two medical residents and one male nurse last Wednesday seriously violated the government's air safety rules and regulations that ban medical evacuation in single-engine aircraft. The aircraft was carrying a patient from Patna who had slipped into coma.  “Operations with single-engine aeroplanes shall be conducted only on domestic sectors except for medical evacuation flights,” the relevant clause of the CAR clearly says. Single-engine aircraft cannot handle sudden emergencies.

These two newspaper headlines open a new debate regarding the medical safety of practicing doctors. Both incidents occurred while on duty.  It’s time for the medical association in India to fight for the safety of the on duty doctors.
 Treating doctors are ignorant and give consent to travel in whatever arrangements are made for them. They are made to travel in ill equipped ambulances, ill fitted air craft, and in vehicles who rush their travel violating all traffic rules. The travel is often unsafe from all standards. We must raise our voice and fight for our rights.
Lets debate and show our protest

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  1. very nice,even each doctor should be part of this debate, we are with you for this protest.
    DR soni.........