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Heart Care Foundation of India in association with International Centre for Spirituality and eMedinewS organized a seminar on "Higgs Boson Science and Health"

Heart Care Foundation organizes seminar on the role of God Particle in health

Heart Care Foundation of India in association with International Centre for Spirituality and eMedinewS organized a seminar on "Higgs Boson Science and Health", the first of its kind, in the city here today.

Physics scholars, religious experts and doctors participated in the seminar. The program was moderated by Dr K K Aggarwal, Er Anuj Sinha former Director Vigyan Prasar and Mr A R Mehta.

The eminent faculty included Dr RK Dutta, Dr TV Venkateswaran, Prof CK Ghosh, Prof Amitabh Mukherjee, Prof Ashok Lal, Shri Nitin Srivastava, Mr Anjali Rai Mehta, Dr Rumesh Chandra, Shri Matiur Rahman, Dr Ram Singh Yadav, Dr HK Chopra, B K Veda Vyas, Dr ML Chawla, Dr K Kanwar, Prof Yogesh Kumar, Prof. Mohd Mohsin, Dr BK Singh, Shri Hemant Shah, Ms Jyoti Arora, Head Science Resource Centre, Amity International, New Delhi, Ms Kinkini Dasgupta Misra, Scientist, Vigyan Prasar, NOIDA, Dr D Bhowmik, Addl Prof Nephrology AIIMS, New Delhi, Dr BK Singh, AAI, New Delhi, Dr SK Verma, Shri Biman Basu Popular Science Author, New Delhi, Ms Puneeta Malhotra, Science Teacher KR Mangalam World School, New Delhi, Shri Ved Prakash Sharma, Radium Videomatics, New Delhi, Prof N Jaimini, Director CIE, Delhi University, Delhi, Shri RK Anthwal, Editor Aavishkar, NRDC, New Delhi and Dr Amita Chauhan, Chairperson Amity International, New Delhi.

In his introductory remarks Padma Shri & Dr. B.C. Roy National Awardee, Dr. KK Aggarwal, President Heart Care Foundation of India, said that as per Vedic philosophy, the body is made up of non matter and the substance which converts the non–matter into matter has been identified as Higgs Boson.

In India, we have different pathies working at different atomic levels. Classical Homeopathy and Bhasma therapy in Ayurveda both work at the level of non–matter. Yoga and meditation also work at the level of consciousness. The identification of Higgs Boson in future may help in dealing with health care in a more positive and productive way.

The key points of the seminar were as below:
• The Large Hadron Collider has produced the Higgs Boson Particle and this observation has stirred the imagination of scientists and philosophers. The confirmation of the observation will provide the missing links in the Standard Model theory.
• The Higgs Boson has been the focus of great scientific speculation since it can account for the mass of key components of the universe–planets, stars and humans.
• Typical ‘candidate’ events, when two high energy photons collide have been observed and this has been a great success of this international experiment at CERN.
• The grand unified theory that will unite three of the four fundamental forces (weak force, electromagnetic force and strong force) will get a significant support now.
• Dr Peter Higgs had hypothesized the existence of the Higgs field and the Higgs Boson about 50 years ago and experiments have now verified his theory.
• The origin of the universe and the few moments after the ‘Big Bang’ has been the subject of intense research and there is excitement because of the data now being generated.
• Indian scientists and engineers have contributed to the facility in terms of vital equipment, designing experiments and analyzing the data. This is a significant achievement.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Health Implications of Chaturmas

Health Implications of Chaturmas

Seminar on Health and Happiness

Delivering the key note address Dr Karan Singh MP and Chairman ISSER said that all religions have one thing in common and that is to be in touch with one’s consciousness. Different names have been given to this consciousness but it is the same in every religion.
Dr Karan Singh said that God is the all-pervasive, eternal force which cannot be burnt by fire, cut by a weapon, water cannot wet it nor can air dry it. He is the energized information-based external force or spirit. The consciousness within us is the localized version of the same and is called soul. It is possible to have a union between soul and spirit or Brahman. This can be done by following any of the yoga paths.
He said that the Vedic philosophy talks about two important concepts: “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” (whole world is one family) and “Ekam Sat Viprah Bahudavanti” (truth is one but the wise call it by various names). It clearly states that there is only one God but people may
call Aim by different names and that the whole world is a family, where you and I carry the same spirit, an extension of Brahman. Here, it talks about the essential unity of all religions. All ultimately lead to union with the divinity.
Dr Karan Singh was addressing a seminar organised jointly by Heart Care Foundation of India and Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan at Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan.
Moderating the session, Padma Shri and Dr BC Roy National Awardee Dr KK Aggarwal, President Heart Care Foundation of India said that all religions are one when we talk about health and happiness. All religions aim at the same destination though the process or path may be different. All religions emphasize on the welfare for all. They talk about “bahujan hitay-bahujan sukhay” (‘the good of the masses, the benefit of the masses.)’ Sh. Ashok Pradhan, Director, BVB, Delhi Kendra and Sh. C. R.Gharekhan, Chairman, BVB, Delhi Kendra also spoke on the occasion.
Religious leaders from various religions also spoke on the subject.The speakers included Mr. Sunil Kumar on Hinduism; Maulana Wahiduddin, President, Islamic Centre on Islam and Health and Fr. Mathew Abraham, CDCI on Christianity, Dr. A K Merchant on Bahai Faith, Ezekiel Isaac Malekar on Judaism, Dr Dinyar Patel on Zoroastrianism, Shri Paramjeet Singh Sarna on Sikhism, Samani Rohit Pragya and Samani Mimansa Pragya on Jainism and Dr. T D Kartsang, Head, Tibetan Medical Institute on Buddhism.
Speaking on "Hinduism”, Mr. Sunil Kumar said that to be healthy means to be established in our own 'self'', which must be a state of not just happiness, but 'ananda' because if I am unhappy I struggle to regain my lost happiness. Righteous conduct or dharma is the medicine which guarantees health and happiness. This ideal must be an integral part of education system so that the youth can build strength of mind to 'walk the talk'.
Maulana Wahiduddin said that according to Islam, health and happiness are two faces of a single coin. Health is external manifestation of happiness, and happiness is internal content of health. Where there is true health, there is also true happiness. Where there is true
happiness, there is also true health. A complete personality is one that comprises both.
Fr Mathew Abraham, talking on Christianity said, “Christianity is sometimes depicted as a way of life that stifles our freedom and goes against our desires for happiness and joy. But this is far from the truth. Faith brings happiness and a joy which is true, full and enduring. Jesus appreciated and celebrated a whole range of human joys - those simple daily joys within the reach of everyone. The depth of His interior life did not blunt His sensitivity. He admired the birds of heaven, the lilies of the field, the joy of the shepherd who recovers his sheep or of the woman who finds her lost coin, the joy of those invited to the feast, the joy of a marriage celebration, the joy of the father who embraces his son returning from a prodigal life, and
the joy of the woman who has just brought her child into the world. Even when Jesus willingly embraced suffering and death, if he radiated such peace, such assurance, such confidence, such availability, it is by reason of the inexpressible love by which He knows that He is loved
by God, His Father. It is a presence which never leaves Him all alone. It is a mutual indwelling. ‘I am in the Father and the Father in me’. 
There is needed a patient effort to teach people, or teach them once more, how to savor in a simple way, the many human joys that the Creator places in our path, even in the midst of unavoidable sickness and suffering."
Dr A K Merchant from Baha’i Faith said that anybody can be happy in the state of comfort, ease, health, success, pleasure and joy, but if one is happy and contented in times of trouble, hardship and disease, this is the proof of nobility.Mr. Ezekiel Malekar, speaking on Judaism, said that the value of human life is immeasurable both as to its worth and as to its duration.
Since maintaining a healthy and sound body is among the ways of God therefore one must avoid that which harms the body, mind and soul and accustom himself to that that which is healthful. The Talmud says, " Happy people are less selfish, less hostile and aggressive and more likely to be loving, grateful, forgiving, decisive, creative and helpful.”
Dr Dinyar Patel said that concepts such as happiness and health lie at the very heart of the Zoroastrian ethos, which posits the conflict between good and evil and recognizes mankind as the instrument for the eventual triumph of good through his conduct and dedication to perform
good deeds. A Zoroastrian must, by his very nature, strive to bring goodness and happiness to this world. Zoroastrians are encouraged to accrue and enjoy wealth but, at the same time, use this wealth liberally on philanthropic activities. Soundness of body, soundness of mind, a positive nature, and the full enjoyment of life are all considered the blessings of God -- disease, negativity, dissension, and indeed death itself are recognized as inherently evil.
Dr. Tenzin Deche Kartsang said that the Tibetan Medical System ‘Sowa Rigpa’ was taught by Buddha himself and in Buddha’s teachings say that each and every sentient being in this universe is related to each other.  If we wish to have a Health and Happiness we need to be
compassionate and help each other and not harm anybody. 
Samani Rohit Pragya said that Jainism teaches that inner purity leads to the outer purity and the inner impurity leads to outer impurity or disorder. The purity of the emotions, chitta (psyche), and the mind are important factors to have good health and happiness and the
impurity of emotions, chitta and the mind are an open invitation to illness and misery. Health and happiness are linked to emotions. Illness first enters in the world of emotions and then manifests at mental and physical level. Diseases are caused by negative emotions
like anger, ego, deceit, greed, fear, hatred etc. Jainism has described three types of diseases i.e. Vyadhi (physical), aadhi (mental) and Upadhi (emotional) and three types of health, which are Parogya, (physical) Bodhi (mental) and Samadhi (emotional and spiritual). In the presence of Upadhi, one cannot experience real health and happiness. Transformation of negative emotions into positive ones through the practice of contemplation helps a person to be free from emotional illness as well as misery and thereby provides health and happiness.
Following are the essence of the Seminar
•       To be in touch with your consciousness scientifically means living in a parasympathetic state of mind, which manifests as calmness and tranquility of mind, lower respiratory rates, lower blood pressure, increased skin resistance.
•       It has been shown that all mythological religion-based rituals are directly or indirectly linked to health. For example, the Santoshi Maa Ka Vrat deals with eating gur and chana to prevent iron deficiency anemia in child bearing women.

•  The ritual of holy bath in the sun is linked to prevention of vitamin D deficiency.
•  Not eating cereals on religious fast is linked to prevention of metabolic syndrome.
•  All religions sounds are either vowel sounds or nasal consonants. Vowel sounds are linked to the production of interleukin-2, which promotes immunity and nasal consonants with tranquilizers.
•       Those who believe in rebirth would know that the fact that if you don’t get liberation in the last birth, these means that debts still remain to be paid. The purpose of life, therefore, is to pay those debts. These debts appear in the form of sufferings; therefore, the purpose of life is to face those sufferings. Sufferings are periods of happiness and not sorrows.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Dr K K Aggarwal's photostream


Doctor’s Day celebrations organised by Heart Care Foundation of India and eMedinewS

Dr KK Aggarwal gets DMA Vishisht Chikitsa Award from Lt Governor

In a special Doctor’s day function organized on 1st July at Maulana Azad Medical College, Delhi Medical Association honored Padma Shri and Dr B C Roy National Awardee Dr K K Aggarwal President Heart Care Foundation of India with “Vishisht Chikitsa Ratan Award”. The award was given by Hon’ble Lt Governor of Delhi Mr. Tejinder Khanna. Dr Aggarwal received this award for outstanding contribution to the medical profession and the society.

Dr Aggarwal is known for his contribution to the society as an anchor, writer, columnist, public speaker and a campaigner. He is also known for his annual event Perfect Health Mela.

Speaking on the function Mr. Tejinder Khanna said that British prefer Indian doctors at the National Health Service over their English counterparts as they have accomplished distinguished work in the health-care service. He said that Indian doctors are unique as they serve the patients with a touch of compassion and humanity. The Delhi Lt Governor also paid tribute to Dr Bidhan Chandra Roy who was the founder member of Medical Council of India. Doctor’s Day is celebrated every year in his honor on the date of his birth (and death) July 1.

On the occasion Dr Harshvardhan Former Health Minister Delhi said that Medical Professionals do not need a certificate of merit from the film actors for their nobility.

Dr A K Walia Health Minister of Delhi said that medical profession can and is doing a lot to the society.

Forty four  doctors were also honored at the DMA function. Notable among them include Dr P K Dave, Dr Ranjit Rai Chaudhary, Dr J S Pasricha, Dr Ashok Seth, Dr Rajgopal, Dr Ambrish Mithal, Dr Y P Munjal, Dr OP Kalra, Dr D S Rana, Dr G K Mani,   Dr Shekhar Aggarwal, Dr Neelam Mohan, Dr Subhash Gupta, Dr G K Mani, Dr Ajay Gambhir, Dr Girish Tyagi, Dr P Lal, Dr  Bawa Das, Dr Rajesh Chawla, Dr Nimesh Desai, Dr. Mahesh C. Misra, Dr. A.K. Aggarwal, Dr. S.K. Sarin, Dr. S.K. Mittal, Dr. Praveen Khilnani, Dr. Sunil Gomber, Dr. Sumit Ray, Dr. Adarsh
Chaudhary, Dr. Radha Krishnan, Dr. Anil Aggarwal, Dr. Harsh Mahajan, Dr. Yatin Mehta,Dr. Ashok Khurana, Dr. Anurag Krishna, Dr. Atul Kumar,Dr. Daljeet Singh, Dr Ajay Kumar, Dr Kunal Bagchi, Dr. Rajendra Prashad Tripathi,  Col Dr. Rajat Dutta, Brig. Dr. S.S. Anand, Dr. A.K.Dewan, Dr. P.K. Bhardwaj, Dr. P.S. Nayyar, Dr. G.R. Sethi, Dr. I.C. Verma, Dr. Jagdish Suri, Dr. Vinay Goel, Dr. Sundeep Guleria, Dr.Mohan Nair and Dr. Ravi Malik.

Doctor's Day Celebration

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Nobility of medical profession cannot be questioned- Justice Shah

Delivering a key note address on the occasion of Doctor’s Day celebrations organised by Heart Care Foundation of India and eMedinewS, Justice Ajit Prakash Shah, Former Chief Justice of Delhi High court, said that medical profession was noble, is noble and will remain a noble profession.
Guest of Honour was Delhi High Court Judge, Justice Vipin Sanghi.
The program was organized by the Foundation in view of the recent controversy created by commercial cine star Aamir Khan in his show Satyamev Jayate, where he directly blamed medical profession as one amongst corrupt professions.
Justice Shah said that difference of opinion, errors of judgments, medical errors and medical accidents should not be linked to medical negligence. There is always an element of wilful omission and commission in any medical negligence.
Speaking on the occasion, Padma Shri & Dr. B.C. Roy National Awardee, Dr. KK Aggarwal, President Heart Care Foundation of India, said that for every 98 people saved there will be at least two patients who will die because of medical treatment.
In US alone, one lakh people die every year because of medical treatment. This number in India would be much larger. For saving crores of people in the society many will die because of side effects, high risk cases or medical errors.
Dr. Aggarwal said that the need of the hour is to create safe and effective system and not target medical doctors who provide the best of the care in the available circumstances.
Dr. Yugal Mishra, Director, Department of Cardiovascular Surgery, Escorts Heart Institute & Research Centre gave presentation on “Choice of Heart Valves: Bioprosthetic Vs. Mechanical.
A panel discussion was also organised where the panelists discoursed on how to ‘Rebuild the image of Medical Profession’. The panel was moderated by Mr. Vijay Dutt, Nehru Fellow, former Editor Hindustan Times. The panelists included Dr D S Rana Chairman Ganga Ram Hospital, Padma Shri Awardee Dr Ashok Vaid Chairman Oncology Medanta - The Medicity, Mr Pramath Sinha, Entrepreneur, Mediworx Pvt Ltd.,  Dr Arun Bhatanagar - Former Secretary, GOI; Mr Nripendra Mishra Former Secretary,GOI, Mr Rajiv Dogra Former Ambassador and Secretary External Affairs, Ms Priya Hingorani Sr Advocate, Dr  Sanjiv Malik Past President IMA, Dr A K Aggarwal President Delhi Medical Council, Dr D R Rai Secretary General IMA, Dr Harish Gupta President DMA and Dr Neelam Mohan Director Pediatric Hepatology & Gastroenterology, Medanta – The Medicity.
Dr Pawan Gupta, Dr Sudesh Ratan, Dr O P Jain, Dr G M Singh, Dr A K Kansal, Dr N K Gupta, Dr Dinesh Negi the core members of Dr KK Study Circle also interacted.
The consensus that emerged from the panel discussion was that health should be taken on priority by the government. Medical profession should work in a transparent and accountable system and the public should have faith in their doctors and the concept of family physician should be revived.