Sunday, August 19, 2012

Spiritual Significance Of Adhik Mass ( Purshottam Mass, Malmass)

1.  One solar calendar comprises of 365 days and 6 hours. One lunar calendar comprises of 354 days and 9 hours (difference of 11 days)
2.   Adhikmas (Vishnu pooja Month) is created in order to synchronize the solar calendar with the lunar   calendar.
3. The duration between one Adhikmas to another Adhikmas is from 28 to 36 months (32.5 months). So Adhikmas arrives every 3 years. The  months every year are different. It does bnot happen between Kartik and Magh.
4.   In 2012 Adhikmas is from Saturday 18th August to Sunday, 16th September in the midnight.
5.  A lunar month (Hindu) is on average 29.5 days period and the solar month, is 30 or 31 days.
6. The Adhik Maas is added when the Amvasya and the Surya Sankranti coincide (absence of Surya   Sankranti).
7. It starts with Amavasya and ends with Amavasya.
8.  It’s an extra month so Diwali will come late in that year.
9. It’s a month to be devoted to donations and charities.
10.  It’s also additional month for additional sun bath, spiritual fasts and Satwik intake.
11. The period is used for detoxification of the self and hence no good work (marriages, mundan, bringing home a new bride, yagyopaveet) is done in this period.
12.  One can equate this period is period of self introspection and to complete all our pending work, detoxify      the body if not done in the last three years, get additional sunlight to cover vitamin D3 deficiency and fulfill and complete our CSR commitment by donating charities during this period.

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