Friday, October 17, 2014

Day two of Heart Care Foundation of India’s annual flagship event, Perfect Health Mela celebrates the importance of Swachch Bharat, Swasth Bharat

 Key events included the cultural and eco festival which were attended by over 3000 school students

New Delhi, 16th October 2014 –The microcosm and macrocosm have sayings from the Upanishads, environment affects the body and the collective consciousness of the people affects the environment. Heart Care Foundation of India, a leading National non-profit organization committed to making India a healthier and disease free nation inaugurated the eco and cultural fest- a series of inter school competitions aimed at educating children about the importance of keeping the environment clean to reduce the occurrence of diseases on the 2nd day of its annual flagship event-The 21st MTNL Perfect Health Mela being held from Oct 15 – 19, 2014 at the Talkatora Stadium, New Delhi. The Inauguration was done by renowned sitar Player Prateek Choudhury.

More than 3000 students participated in various competitions started by Dept. of Environment Govt. Of India and was coordinated by Birla Vidya Niketan.  The competitions included Classical Music and dance, Eco model display and Nukkad Natak

The Hands only CPR 10 formula taught was – To revive someone after a sudden cardiac death, within 10 minutes of the cardiac arrest (earlier the better) for 'at least' 10 minutes (longer the better) compress the center of the chest of the victim, continuously and effectively, with a speed of at least 10 x 10 (i.e.100) per minute.

Addressing the event Padma Shri, DST National Science and Communication and Dr. BC Roy National Awardee and the President of the Heart Care Foundation of India, Dr. KK Aggarwal said “Heart Care Foundation of India is committed towards raising health awareness and making the country a disease free nation. Over the years the number of dengue, typhoid and malaria cases being reported in the country has increased. One of the primary reasons for this being improper disposal of waste, open defecation, unhygienic habits and the inability of the citizens to keep their environment clean. It is extremely important to educate students from the very start about the importance of health, hygiene and sanitation to help prevent disease occurrence in the future. It is indeed a pleasure to see so many young students coming together and helping raise awareness about this issue”.

Adding to this, Dr. Mohan Nair and Dr. T. S Kler Sr. Cardiologist ins a joint said “Health education and lifestyle changes should start right from school age. The seeds of heart blockages are burrowed while a person is still in the growing stage. Out of 21 meals, cheating should be allowed in two meals and remaining 19 meals children should be given safe and healthy food with no trans fat, refine carbohydrates and no bad animal fat.”

School children were also see taking a pledge to say no to fire crackers this Diwali to keep the environment clean. To know more about the mela please visit www.perf

All schools students were educated about the importance of health and hygiene and trained on hands only CPR 10 for revival after sudden cardiac arrest.

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