Thursday, August 22, 2013

Relaxation during work

Stress is the reaction of the mind and the body to the interpretation of a known situation. The only way to remove the stress is to either change the situation, change its interpretation or live the yogic lifestyle in such a way that stress does not bother the mind and the body. 

Changing the situation may not be possible always since you cannot change your boss or the job. The best answer, therefore, is to change one’s interpretation. 

There are a lot of exercises which can be learnt to change the mindset from positive to differently positive. One should live like a fish who can swim against the current of the water. While thinking differently one should learn to withdraw like a tortoise and persist like a boar and these three principles are taught by the first three incarnations of Lord Vishnu. 

Changing interpretation may take time, therefore, one should learn the technique of yogic lifestyle which teaches one as to how to manage stress and shift one from sympathetic to parasympathetic mode. The exercises involve Yogic Asanas, breathing exercises, slower parasympathetic breathing exercises, deep breathing exercises, satvik diet, yogic exercises, regular oil massage etc.

I normally teach my patients and students to follow a specific regime on every day of the week. On Monday, I teach them to practice non-violence communication which involves no criticism, no condemnation and no complaint. 

On Tuesday, I teach them to call at least 25 people they have not talked to in the last six months and write their pending work and in the night practice their express writing for three minutes. 

On Wednesday, I teach them to give a non-materialistic gift to others which can be a compliment, smile, a word of appreciation. 

On Thursday, I teach them to think differently for every situation they face. Before doing any activating, they should ask themselves – is it necessary, is it based on truthfulness and will it bring happiness to them and to others? Only then action should be taken. 

On Friday, I teach them not to eat cereals and on Saturday, I ask them to do some sort of charity and I ask them “How can I help the society, family and others?” 

On Sunday, one can do a little bit of cheating.

If stress is not managed properly, one can end up with ulcers, blood pressure, heart attack, depression, diabetes etc. Stress may not cause heart attack but definitely can precipitate it. Stress can rupture the blockage in the artery supplying blood to the heart and precipitate acute heart attack. Similarly, it can precipitate an attack of acute paralysis if it ruptures the clot present in a artery supplying blood to the brain.

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