Monday, August 26, 2013

What is common between childhood marriage (Bal Vivah) and night time marriages?

As per Vedic literature and also the Bhagavad Gita, the auspicious time for any work are Uttarayan period from January to July near Purnima during day time and while Yagna is taking place. 

Today marriages usually take place in night contradicting the above Vedic ritual.  The original of night marriages goes back to Mughal Era and when in some of the Rajyas (Princely States) it was a custom that men of the king would run around the State and attend day marriages and if they find that the bride is beautiful they will pick her up to spend the first night with the King. 

To get away from this, people started marrying their daughters in the evening so that their beauty could not be seen by men of the king.  The same probably was ritual of Ghoonghat where the women and unmarried women and the newly married women were supposed to wear Ghoonghat so that they were not seen by the elders in the family, society and the rulers. 

Bal Vivah or the childhood marries were also prominent in this era and one of the reasons might have been that better to marry a girl while she is young and immature than to wait for her to grow up into a beautiful lady and picked up by rulers to spend first night with them.

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