Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Observe cereal fast 80 days a year

Talking to a gathering of 500 health professional, Padma Shri & Dr. B.C. Roy National Awardee, Dr. KK Aggarwal, President Heart Care Foundation of India, said that potbelly obesity is the new epidemic of the society, which is linked to diabetes, high blood pressure and heart blockages. The main culprit is eating carbohydrates in general and in particular refined carbohydrates, everyday. Our Vedic science advocates that one should observe 80 fasts in a year and these should involve not eating cereals. Over a period of time, we have stopped observing fasts and have shifted from carbohydrates to refined carbohydrate–based cereals.

Dr. Aggarwal further said that the ancient Friday’s Santoshi Mata Ka Vrat was meant for child bearing women so that they do not end up with anemia and protein deficiency. The vrat or fast involves eating Gur and Chana in a fasting state. Iron is better observed in fasting state. People have stopped observing Santoshi Mata Ka Vrat and also have stopped eating Gur and chana leading to anemia epidemic in the society.

Dr. Aggarwal further said that Vedic science has been advocating that one month in a year one should sunbathe near the river, which should involve exposing the body before the sun before 10 am or after 4pm. Not observing these principles of nature has lead to epidemic of Vitamin D deficiency in the society.

Dr. Aggarwal was speaking at a workshop on "How to be happy and healthy’ being organized by Heart Care Foundation of India with Bramkumaris at Pataudi Road, Manesar.

BK Sister Asha, Director ORC said that one of the principles of being happy is to observe non–violent communication involving three Cs – Do not condemn! Do not complain! and Do not criticize!

BK Sister Geeta, Director ORC said that if it is not possible to change the situation, one should change his interpretation to that situation.

BK Sister Sapna, Senior Rajyoga said that after the age of 25, one cannot change an adult, one should change oneself.

BK Brij Mohan, Secretary General said that by being happy, it is possible to regress heart blockages.

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