Monday, August 4, 2014

Beware of Synthetic Milk

  1. It is not milk
  2. It is made up of urea, caustic soda, refined oil (cheap cooking oil) and common detergents.
  3. Detergents are used as they emulsify and dissolve the oil in water giving the frothy solution, the characteristic white colour of milk. Refined oil is used as a substitute for milk fat. Caustic soda is added to the blended milk to neutralize the acidity and preventing it from turning sour during transport. Urea/sugar are added for solid–not–fat (SNF).
  4. It looks like natural milk, except in taste and nutritional qualities.
  5. It is normally mixed with milk and then sold in the market
  6. It is carcinogenic in humans
  7. Urea and caustic soda can harm liver and kidneys.
  8. Caustic soda with high sodium content is harmful for patients with high blood pressure.
  9. Caustic soda also deprives the body from utilizing lysine, an essential amino acid in milk, which is required by growing babies.

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