Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Draft salient decisions taken by the IMA Central Working Committee (Part 3)

·         Crosspathy: The House was informed that the suggestions of IMA to the Inter Ministerial Committee have been accepted by them.

·         Clinical Establishment Act: The suggestions sent by IMA to the Inter Ministerial Committee have been agreed by them. The House thanked the Additional Secretary, Economic Advisor and Dr Dhamija who were physically present in the meeting who informed the House that the decisions and Minutes of the Inter Ministerial Committee have been incorporated in the Minutes of the meeting of the National Council on Clinical Establishments Act held on 8th September, 2017. The House also requested them to incorporate capping of compensations and penalties under the Act in line with the similar provisions under the Drugs & Cosmetics Act in the CEA rules.

·         PCPNDT Act:  The Addl. Secretary, MoHFW assured that in the next meeting of the Central Supervisory Board, the amendments suggested by IMA are being taken up.

·         Central Act to tackle violence against medical profession: The Addl. Secretary, MoHFW assured that the Central Act is in the process.

·         Capping of compensation by medical profession under CPA: The House personally requested the Addl. Secretary (Health) to incorporate provisions in CEA rules so that the compensation related to medical negligence is similar to provisions under the Drugs & Cosmetics Act.

·         Federation of Medical Associations (FOMA): IMA has the full support of all the stakeholders of FOMA. The members advised that FOMA should meet twice in a year so as to discuss and deliberate on all the current issues of the medical profession.

·         New IMA Awards: All new IMA Awards proposed by IMA HQs were approved by the House. It was also approved to organize a special Awards ceremonies during the State Leadership meet, CWC meetings and Central Council meetings.

·         The House approved the IMA decision and action to publish community health-related advertisements published and planned to be published in major dailies in association with relevant stakeholders. The House was informed that 14 community health-related advertisements have been published in Indian Express and 4 advertisements have been published in Hindustan Times with the help of M/s. Omron.

·         All the public health- and hygiene-related agreements of IMA with companies like Omron, Hygia, and State Bank Credit Cards etc. were reported to the CWC, which approved all of them.

·         Regarding the issue of non-payment of rent by one of the tenants of IMA HQs. M/s. Arth Business News Channel, the House was informed that the matter is sub judice.

·         Cuts & Commissions: IMA will not tolerate Cuts and Commissions in any form by medical professionals on Ethical grounds. IMA stands for ethical practice.

·         Sex Selection: IMA is against sex selection in any form and disciplinary and legal action will be initiated against any IMA members found to be indulged in any such procedure.

·         National Medical Council (NMC) Bill: The House was informed that IMA has been fighting against the proposed NMC Bill. We have achieved partial success. The House was of the opinion that the NMC Bill should be withdrawn.

·         National Exit Test (NEXT): The House observed that all State branches are sentimental on this issue. Members were of the opinion that it should be withdrawn.

·         IMA Doctor Logo: The IMA Doctor Logo has been trademarked and it now needs to be promoted amongst the members. IMA requested Economic Advisor, MoHFW to kindly acknowledge it as it is patented by IMA only for use by MBBS doctors. However, the House was informed that an objection has been received from Indian Red Cross Society that IMA cannot use the “+” sign as a logo for doctors practicing modern system of medicine. The House was informed that necessary suitable action will be taken after taking legal advice in this regard.

·         IMA Emblem: The news that the IMA Emblem has now been patented and cannot be misused by anyone was noted with a thunderous applause by the House.

Dr KK Aggarwal                                              Dr RN Tandon
National President IMA                                     Hony Secy General IMA

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