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Straight from the Heart: Some more IMA Initiatives – A yearly roundup

IMA Hour: Every Friday 4-5 PM, IMA started the concept of community service under IMA Swachh Bharat Swastha Bharat initiative. All members participate in cleanliness drive.

IMA Days: IMA stated the following two New IMA days:  24th March IMA Telemedicine Day, 14th November IMA Child Sexual Abuse Awareness Day, 1st July: Blood Components Donation day

IMA Doctors Day: IMA started the concept of naming a theme for the Doctor’s Day.

Every SundayIMA Sunshine Day: IMA branches conduct CMEs in sunshine. Over 80% doctors are vitamin D deficient.

Dr A Marthanda Pillai became the first National President, who is a Padma Shri Awardee.
Dr K K Aggarwal became the first Honorary Secretary General and National President who is Padma Shri Awardee.

Both National President and Honorary Secretary General of IMA in 2015 were Padma Shri Awardee. 

Dr K K Aggarwal also became the first National President who is recipient of four National Awards Padma Shri, Vishwa Hindi Samman, National Science Communication & Dr B C Roy National Award.

Dr A Marthanda Pillai and Dr K K Aggarwal became the first National President and first Honorary Secretary General to have been Awarded Professor of Bio-ethics by SRM University while in office.

Dr. Ketan Desai became the first Past National President of IMA, who served as President WMA.

IMA started the first UNESCO Chair on BioethicsThe first four on the chairs are Dr A Marthanda Pillai, Dr K K Aggarwal, Dr S S Agarwal and Dr Russell D'Souza.

Digital IMA: For the first time 23 CMEs were held on 26th July 2015, at one time, at multiple locations linked through video conferencing.

All India Press Meets on the Same Day: For the first time 30 Press Conferences were organized on Doctor’s Day 1st July at all state IMA locations on a common subject Violence against Doctors. Also, for the first time, in 23 cities press releases were sent on one day, 23rd May 2015, with Alkem on Mission Clean India.

All India Events on the same day: First time, 35 cities, Doctors’ Rally and cleanliness drive were organized on 23rd May with Alkem on Mission Clean India.

IMA Family Clinic Model: IMA standardized a first aid box and a model IMA family medicine practice clinic concept. IMA also came out with model prescription format, IMA e-prescription guidelines.

IMA CME model: includes Standard Video CME, 10 % of the contents on mental health as per new MCI requirements; 10 % on legal and ethics and a session on soft skills. IMA also started the concept of "short SMS CMEs".

IMA Guidelines: IMA finalized the statements, declarations and guidelines on various subjects

IMA e courses: IMA started an e course on vitamin D

IMA Key 10 Point Messages: IMA standardized key 10 points on vitamin D, safe water, TB care, dengue and Child Sexual Abuse.

IMA Formulas: IMA adopted the following formulas: Formula of 10 for CPR, Formula of 80 for heart prevention, formula of 20 for dengue management

IMA Centenary Year: IMA announced the year 2016-17 as the year of IMA Centenary conference year.

Delhi First City to have all PCR van staff trained in CPR 10: IMA in association with Heart Care Foundation of India trained 8000 police staff of all PCR Police personnel between 1st July and 14th August. IMA submitted the same to Limca Book of records. IMA also trained its entire staff in CPR 10.

IMA Financial Health: All IMA branches have been asked to have their own pan numbers.

IMA e Connect: All state and local branches activities are now covered in e IMA news. Daily eIMA News is being sent to 2 lakh doctors. JIMA: e JIMA started in August 2015. Daily SMS sent to all central, state and Branch IMA Leadership at 8 AM.  Daily communication between IMA Leaders in!forum/team-ima. Regular emails to IMA Leaders (Central, state and Branch IMA Level).

IMA Connect:  IMA News is being sent to IMA Leaders on monthly basis. Print JIMA re-stated in 2015.

IMA Social Connect: IMA resolved that charges for elderly and for every girl child born will be 10% less by IMA members.

IMA finalized and got a copyright of an emblem for medical profession.

IMA started the first Jan Aushadhi Drug Store at IMA (HQs.) on 5th June, 2015. It also started IMA Free Drug Bank and free OPD at HQs

 IMA started Mediation, Conciliation & Grievances Redresser Cell at Headquarters

Polio Free India: During the year no Polio case was detected in India. IMA also came out with a white paper on the role of IMA in polio eradication. IMA also made its own IMA end polio strategy. IMA made sure that health services remain out of the preview of the service tax.

IMA started IMA Book of Medical records

IMA stated the concept of officially nominating members for Dr B C Roy Awards, DST Science Communication Awards, Padma Awards and other National and International Awards

IMA standards: IMA standardized designs for IMA Colour (blue), IMA Pin, IMA cap, IMA T shirt

Child Sexual Abuse: IMA UNICEF Initiative:

IMA stand on online pharmacy: IMA does not support online pharmacy (Representation given to Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, DCGI & Stake Holders Committee appointed by DCGI and headed by FICCI.)

IMA stand on can chemists substitute brands: IMA successfully stopped an amendment in Drug and Cosmetic Act proposing that Chemist can substitute brand.

IMA stand on Green Corridor Lanes: IMA proposed the concept of green corridor for all emergency victims (Delhi Govt. adopted it).

IMA successfully raised the issue of sudden decision of the ESI to close all ESI Medical Colleges with Parliamentary health committee, PMO, Press.  The colleges are now being run by ESI.

IMA stand on more forensic labs in India: IMA raised the issue that India should have more forensic labs (in response to Sunanda Pushkar case).

IMA stand on national calamities: IMA wants the central and state governments to have separate allocated budget for national calamities. (Issue raise with the government). And during all national calamities private hospital should be reimbursed at CGHS rates for any cost incurred in treating these patients.

IMA also raised the issue that platelets count is not reliable during Dengue epidemic.

IMA raised the issue that during Swine Flu epidemic there should be a capping of charging for flu diagnostics. The charges by DGHS were reduced from Rs.9000/- to Rs.2400/- in 2015.

IMA stand on TPAs and Mediclaim: IMA raised a series of issues with IRDA. TPAs should not insist for IV treatment in Mediclaim cases; TPAs should reimburse for breast reconstruction surgery after breast cancer mastectomy. TPAs cannot insist on getting concessions and rebates.

IMA stand on movies showing fiction and non-scientific issues: IMA sent legal Notices to Producer, Director, Actor and film Censor Board regarding showing medical profession in bad taste in the movie Gabbar is Back.

IMA stand on who pays for emergency care: IMA policy is to provide free of cost treatment by any medical establishments for any emergency. But the same should be reimbursed by State Government.

IMA stand on AYUSH being hired in modern medicine set ups: IMA resolved that modern medicine doctors should not hire Ayush doctors for helping in modern medicine practice. Also Modern Medicine establishments should not hire Ayush doctors for helping in modern medicine practice.

IMA ways of protest: IMA believes in Satyagraha and unique ways of protest. During Delhi election as a mark of protest, ESI IMA member students exercised NOTA option. IMA also released its stand on strike.

IMA stand on headline based journalism: IMA objected and wrote to MCI regarding second opinion story which appeared in Times of India, Mumbai Edition mentioning that most doctors go for unnecessary investigations

IMA stand on Nationality and treatment options: IMA raised the issue that in the Human Organ Transplant Act, there is violation of MCI, Human rights and Article 14 of the constitution. Under the act, foreigners are given last preference

IMA stand on sterilization consent: IMA raised the issue of Ministry of Health guidelines where consent of husband is not required for sterilization which is a violation of MCI Act.

IMA stand on lawyers representing in state medical councils: IMA raised the issue that Delhi Medical Council should allow lawyers to appear in disciplinary Enquiry Committee.

IMA stand on AYUSH doing MTPs: IMA opposed the amendment that Ayush should be allowed to do MTPs ultimately Health Ministry dropped the amendment.

IMA is with health ministry at the time of national crises: The ministry of Health & FW took help of IMA in coming out with flu vaccine guidelines during vaccine shortage.

IMA Cure in India: Project outlines guidelines for medical tourism

Arogya Nidhi and Arogya Kosh: IMA came out with a position paper on treatment options for poor people

International Issues: IMA raised the issue with WMA regarding ketamine

IMA health policy: Everyone has a right to receive emergency care and preventive care. If he or she cannot afford, the state government shall supply it

IMA stand on MTP Amendments: MTP can be extended from 20 to 24 weeks, Consent of only doctor is sufficient, > 24 weeks MTP can be done under special situations and MTP can be done by MBBS doctors.

IMA Flag Salutation and IMA Prayer:

International Organization collaborations: IMA signed MOU with Clinton Foundation for working in TB diagnosis; Clinton Foundation financial dispute was settled; Series of meeting held with WHO regarding collaboration with WHO on various projects; Meeting held with WHO in end Polio campaign; UNICEF Child Sexual Abuse project is continued; Global Fund TB project is continued. IMA had meetings with Bill Gate Malinda Foundation.

Social advertisements: Released on Doctors day on safe water and elderly eye care initiatives.

Recognition of IMA by Government: Government recognised the work of IMA in its advertisements: call for action for TB free India released on 23rd April and on World TB day released on 24th March.

TB Harega IMA Jitega: Campaign was signed and released by DGHS, Dr Ketan Desai, MCI President, Padma Awardee Doctors, Padma Awardee Non doctors

IMA Disaster Cell: IMA donated drugs over Rs. 42 lakhs (Nepalese currency) to Nepal Medical Association for Nepal Earthquake victims. Both NP and HSG ; Met Shri Ranjit Rae, Ambassador of India to Nepal; Met Dr Senendra Upreti, Director General Health Sciences; Sh Shanta Badure Shrestha, Health Secretary and Shri Khagraj Adhikari, Minister of Health & Population, Govt. of Nepal.  Team of 3 doctors visited Nepal and saw 1700 patients.

IMA acquired an Innova Van at headquarters.

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