Sunday, March 25, 2018

Join the Mahapanchayat today

“Unity is strength... when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved” said Mattie Stepanek.

The unity of lawyers, way back in 1990, made sure that Kiran Bedi, then the deputy commissioner of police for northern Delhi was transferred from her post.
Public unity saw the creation of Nirbhaya Fund by the Govt.

The unity of the ‘aam janta’ saw the emergence of Arvind Kejriwal as the Chief Minister of Delhi.

Such is the strength of unity.

A critical mass of only 1% of professionals is required to stand united and act the same way at the same time to make any nation-wide movement a success.

More than 25,000 doctors will gather today in Delhi for the Mahapanchayat at the Indira Gandhi Stadium, New Delhi between 10 am and 2pm, where they will deliberate on the various issues faced by the medical profession in the country.

Important decisions and future strategy will be announced after a consensus is achieved.
This is a once in a lifetime opportunity… not to be missed

Join the Mahapanchayat today even if you have to miss your morning walk, your breakfast and/or lunch - have breakfast and lunch with us at the Mahapanchayat - or even if you have to miss your Sunday morning clinic.

It does not matter whether you are a GP, a specialist, a super specialist or resident, medical student (undergraduate/post graduate)… this Mahapanchayat is for all of us.

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