Tuesday, July 4, 2017

IMA Resolutions on Doctor’s Day

Doctor’s Day, as we all know, is the day dedicated to the memory of Dr BC Roy. The day marks his birthday and it is also the day when his physical body left us. But his soul is still alive in our minds. This day also reminds us of our purpose with which we chose medicine as our profession and our responsibilities towards the community.

Hence, in a befitting tribute to this legend of medicine, on Doctor’s Day this year, the Indian Medical Association (IMA) took some resolutions.

  • Our theme for “Doctor’s Day” for the year 2017 will be “My Family Doctor”.

  • IMA will have “Zero Tolerance” for unethical practices by medical professionals and or medical establishments.  These include Referral Fee, Cuts, Commissions received without involving any services. Offenders can get their names removed from the primary membership of IMA.

  • IMA will not tolerate any targets given to medical specialists who join hospitals.  IMA will soon come out with a standard appointment contract between consultant and corporate hospitals.

  • IMA supports a “uniform code of medical ethics” for medical establishments, industry and doctors.

  • IMA does not support criminal prosecution of doctors in clinical practice.  

  • Medical or surgical consent should include not only the competency of the doctor or establishment to handle a procedure, but also competency of facilities available to handle complications. 

  • IMA Awards announced on “Doctor’s Day” will be presented during Centenary Celebrations of Medical Conferences in India on 23rd & 24th September, 2017 at New Delhi.

  • IMA will intensify its public image through “IMA Thank You” & “Public Health Awareness Campaigns” using various advertisement modules.

  • IMA Accreditation and Academic Council will be operational from 15th July 2017.  Dr KK Kalra Ex CEO NABH has joined IMA as CEO of the Council.

  • IMA opposes reduction of Non Practicing Allowance (NPA) and delinking it to basic pay in the 7th Pay Commission.

Dr KK Aggarwal

National President IMA & HCFI

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