Wednesday, September 13, 2017

The Time for Satyagraha is over

Dr KK Aggarwal
From Tokyo

Dear Colleague

This is one of the toughest times for our medical profession. We seem to be in a Do or Die situation. It’s time that we all wake up because the countdown as begun. 

CWC Agenda for actions

·         Non implementation of inter-ministerial committee recommendations so far by the government of India
·         Reaction of the DGHS towards IMA in the last meeting of the National Council for Clinical Establishments. 
·         No action on PNDT Act: Government itself has gone for a special 
·         and has halted inter-ministerial decisions
·         Government not taking seriously considering a central act against violence
·         Capping of compensation clause still far from a reality 
·         Criminalization of medical practice practically in every law
·         JIMA not reaching even the office bearers and projecting losses without sanction
·         NMC likely to come in November despite all agitations and likely to bring AYUSH as back door entry.
·         Exit test likely to be introduced in spite of all representations by IMA
·         Most states allowing AYUSH to prescribe modern drugs
·         West Bengal Clinical Establishment Act not community friendly
·         Karnataka Clinical Establishment Act, if enacted, will be like West Bengal CEA
·         DGHS and National Council for CEA trying to allow non MBBS to sign path and micro lab reports?
·         No uniform code for doctors and medical establishments
·         MP slapping the doctor made the minister of state in Ministry of Skills Development and Entrepreneurship


·         Continue Satyagraha
·         Protest, Protest and Protest ‘IMA Andolan’

I personally feel that the time for Satyagraha is over. 

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