Friday, May 11, 2018

Prakriti, Vikriti and Sanskriti: The rules of life

Prakriti is when a person lives for himself or when his actions are centered towards oneself. Sanskriti is when one lives for the sake of others and vikriti is nothing but distortion in one’s living.

Greed is a type of vikriti, which can make a ‘nar’ a ‘narbhakshi’ and later ‘nar rakshas. On the other hand, if a person works towards sanskriti, it can convert him/her from ‘nar’ to ‘narottam’ and from ‘narottam’ to ‘Narain’.

Lord Buddha also said that any action done should follow the rule that it be directed towards the welfare of all. Gandhi also propagated Sarvodaya or dedicating one’s actions to the welfare of all.

The basic fundamental teaching of the Vedic science is also based on Sarvodaya. Sahdev in Mahabharata and Bharat in Ramayana also talked about the quality of sarvodaya, which every human being has.

Dr. Deepak Chopra also writes in his book ‘The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success’ that one should always ask his/her consciousness when meeting somebody as to how one can help the other person.

Even a feeling of helping someone can make a difference.

The aim in life, therefore, should be to work not for oneself but for the welfare of the others. People gradually start working for themselves often for the family, society, nation and universe respectively. 

Be true to your Sanskriti, while avoiding Prakriti and Vikriti. Follow this rule for a happy and peaceful life.

(Disclaimer: The views expressed in this write up are my own).

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