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Mera Bharat Mahan 5: Can quantum field explain the characteristics of soul?

Dr KK Aggarwal

The Bhagavad Gita talks about the characteristics of soul in Chapter 2.

नैनं छिन्दन्ति शस्त्राणि नैनं दहति पावक: |
 चैनं क्लेदयन्त्यापो  शोषयति मारुत: || 2.23||

“nainaṁ chhindanti śhastrāṇi nainaṁ dahati pāvakaḥ
na chainaṁ kledayantyāpo na śhoṣhayati mārutaḥ”

na—not; enam—this soul; chhindanti—shred; śhastrāṇi—weapons; na—nor; enam—this soul; dahati—burns; pāvakaḥ—fire; na—not; cha—and; enam—this soul; kledayanti—moisten; āpaḥ—water; na—nor; śhoṣhayati—dry; mārutaḥ—wind

This means that weapons cannot cut it, fire cannot burn it, water cannot wet it and wind cannot dry it.

अच्छेद्योऽयमदाह्योऽयमक्लेद्योऽशोष्य एव  |
नित्य: सर्वगत: स्थाणुरचलोऽयं सनातन: || 2. 24||

“achchhedyo ’yam adāhyo ’yam akledyo ’śhoṣhya eva cha
nityaḥ sarva-gataḥ sthāṇur achalo ’yaṁ sanātanaḥ”

achchhedyaḥ—unbreakable; ayam—this soul; adāhyaḥ—incombustible; ayam—this soul; akledyaḥ—cannot be dampened; aśhoṣhyaḥ—cannot be dried; eva—indeed; cha—and; nityaḥ—everlasting; sarva-gataḥ—all-pervading; sthāṇuḥ—unalterable; achalaḥ—immutable; ayam—this soul; sanātanaḥ—primordial

The soul is unbreakable and incombustible; it can neither be dampened nor dried. It is everlasting, in all places, unalterable, immutable and primordial.

Can this be explained scientifically today, the age which demands evidence?

The answer is yes!

At absolute zero, as per the standard physics model, the consciousness must freeze and cease to move.

But this is not the case and both Bhagavad Gita and Yoga Vashishta say that the soul can even migrate from one universe to other universe where the temperature may be lower than absolute zero.

Normally, there needs to be a change in temperature in order to see a phase transition from liquid to gas or solid. But there are some phase transitions in which the temperature cannot change, because they occur right at absolute zero (Kelvin’s - 273.15 C).

Quantum physics states that it is impossible for a particle to be fully at rest in a specific location.

Heisenberg's uncertainty principle tells us that position and momentum cannot be ascertained with total precision at the same time. Therefore, a particle's position and momentum can still change at absolute zero, even if classic thermal fluctuations are no longer present. These changes are known as quantum fluctuations.

It further proves that consciousness is present in energised information state in the universe at whatever temperature the universe may be.

So, when it is too cold for classic shaking movements, quantum physics ensures that physically interesting things still occur.

It solves the mystery about the consciousness, that air cannot dry it, water cannot wet it, fire cannot burn it or cold cannot freeze it.

Thus, the soul never dies and is immortal. 

While the internet or electromagnetic communication may stop, soul to soul communication will continue irrespective of where you are in the universe.

In Kena Upanishad (3.6, 3.10) also when the Brahman (GOD) asked Agni and Vayu Devta to burn or move the straw / dried grass like a thread they could not burn it or move it. This again means even the string state of the Sukshma sharira ( a state before the soul) which cannot be dried by air or burnt by the fire. 

Dr KK Aggarwal
Padma Shri Awardee
President Elect Confederation of Medical Associations in Asia and Oceania (CMAAO)
Group Editor-in-Chief IJCP Publications
President Heart Care Foundation of India
Past National President IMA

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