Saturday, March 21, 2020

COVID Navratri

COVID Navratri

Observe the Navratri as COVID Navratri and Vrats or fast as COVID fast
Dr KK Aggarwal
President CMAAO and HCFI
Navratri is a ten days purification festival in India where we purify our body, mind and the environment.

This is how you should celebrate the current Navratri

Greet each other with bowing or Namaste
Clean your 3 feet area all around (working place, dining table) with 0.1 % bleach solution with wet cloth moping every 8 hours
Welcome all your guests (athithi devo bhava) like Vedic tradition
Give then water so that they can was any droplets on the feet
Give them water and soap to wash their hands
Give them water to wash their mouth, nose and eyes
Make them sit maintaining three feet distance
Do the same yourself and all your family members
Pay your Pitra Rin (parenteral debt) at this time and look after the elderly in your family. They are at risk of CIOVID 19
Practice social distancing but not emotional distancing
Experience self-realisation and give time to your mind the consciousness
Minimise meeting people and observe self-restrain
Learn to eat less so that you practice if you end up with a lock down like situation
Do Pranayama and Meditation daily to stay calmed.
Speak softly (loud speaking can shed the viruses)
Do Jalneti nasal wash to stay away from nasal irritation
Wash your eyes twice a day with water ( triphla)
Eat satvik food to build up your immunity
Do Pranayama and take sun bath daily

People of respective religion can observe the next ten days as COVID EID, COVID Easter or CIOVID Paryushan Parv of Jainism

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