Wednesday, March 11, 2020

IMA – CMAAO Guidelines for Hospitals, Nursing homes, CLINICS and OFFICES

IMA – CMAAO Guidelines for Hospitals, Nursing homes, CLINICS and OFFICES

Dr Rajan Sharma, Dr RV Asokan, Dr KK Aggarwal

In the unfortunate event if there is a confirmed case of COVID-19 from amongst any employees’ what would be the right step to undertake for the office premise.

Issue one circular that if anyone or in his or her family is having with fever and cough, he or she should immediately notify the management
People with cough and fever gets paid leave, work from home
All with cough and fever should take tele consultation with doctor without delay
De-contaminate all surfaces of the office in the night with 0.1% bleach as done in any hospitals or washrooms at home
All persons should enter the office after cleaning the hands with soap and water or 70% alcohol-based sanitiser
Make sanitisers in your office (70% isopropyl alcohol and 30% PEG or aloe vera gel)
Wash hands after lunch break, and joining after lunch break, and at signing off
No biometric attendance
No touching of papers and currency with oral saliva
If someone corona infected attends the office, fumigate that room immediately, all persons of that room go for home working
No international visitors in the office without prior risk assessment
No leave to be given for people to visit their state and come back
All employees are directed to inform if they have met anyone with fever and cough visiting from affected countries or Indian states
If anyone disobeys his services will be terminated and police informed under section 270 IPC)
Office shut down can only be decided by government under epidemic disease act, if someone is positive
50+ people in any organisation with comorbid conditions needs special precautions. People with comorbid conditions should immediately disclose their illnesses to the management
Follow and greet with only corona namaste, no contact policy, no elbow touch- no shake hands
Use Tele meetings as much as possible
Doctors at high risk with comorbid conditions should not see patients with fever and cough or wear N 95 masks
All should disinfect mobile phones before entering the office
Disinfects office and personal cars daily
Eligible people should get flu and pneumonia vaccination done, so that they do not end up with preventable illnesses
Safai karamcharis should wear gloves and take special precautions
All persons should give daily undertakings that they are not on cough syrups or anti fever drugs
No lose tablets to be dispensed
Surgical masks should be available at the reception desk, entry of labs, imaging centers for anyone who develops fever and or cough
Separate line in hospital reception, labs, imaging centers for people with cough, Fever. They all should be on surgical masks.
All visitors should be checked for fever, made to wash hands and undertaking that they do not have fever and or cough
Even one bought of cough and feverish feeling cannot be ignored
Enough tissue papers to be made available
Send circulars of how to wash hands, cough etiquettes and respiratory hygiene
Doorknobs, handles, toilet seats, to be cleaned after every use
The employee and his close contacts should follow the clinical protocol to be quarantined/isolated.
Doctors should always write what physicians should do when examining patients. Like abbreviated physical exam, only necessary ones. Examine heart and chest standing at back etc.

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