Thursday, August 10, 2017

Difference between Wrong and Different: It’s not ‘wrong’ to be ‘different’

Dr KK Aggarwal

We are all different as individuals given our diverse backgrounds, skills, thoughts, etc. Yet our actions or thoughts are often influenced by what the majority does or thinks... doing what the others are doing. This is the “herd mentality” that many of us are often guilty of. Herd mentality is a barrier to originality as it does not encourage independent thinking.

It is easy to fade into the background or get lost in the crowd. ‘Fitting in’ may seem more safe and comfortable, yet it may not give you a sense of satisfaction, which you might be subconsciously seeking.

Only when you think differently, can you be creative. But, creativity is not just about getting great and original ideas. Implementing these ideas is innovation. If you get an idea and you believe in it strongly, trust yourself and work to make it a reality, even if it does not conform to “accepted norms”. Children have vivid imaginations, free of set patterns. Their imaginations and creativity should be nurtured.

Don’t be afraid of not doing “what is expected of you”. Successful people have challenged assumptions and popular practices on their journey to success. Being different is how innovations happen. It requires courage to be creative. Instead of trying to fit in, dare to be different from others. Keep an open mind and don’t be too ready to judge.

This may be why very few original researches in medicine are being done in the country. We look to western data and accept them unquestioned.

It’s not ‘wrong’ to be ‘different’… This is how you can make a difference.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this write up are entirely my own.

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