Sunday, August 13, 2017

IMA Updates

·         Medical Council of India (MCI) with inputs from IMA has drafted a document for Indian Medical services. The same will be placed in the next executive committee meeting of MCI.
·         MCI with inputs from IMA has finalized a draft for Guidelines to govern the prosecution of medical doctors for offences of which criminal rashness or criminal negligence is an ingredient. The same will be placed in the next executive committee meeting of MCI.
·         MCI with inputs from IMA has drafted standard medicolegal check list so that doctor’s diary may be sufficient to be taken up as an evidence (based on Pt. Parmanand Katara vs Union of India & Ors on 28 August, 1989).
·         MCI with inputs from IMA is in process of drafting guidelines for deciding negligence (8.6 Professional incompetence shall be judged by peer group as per guidelines prescribed by Medical Council of India).

Practice changing IMA policies

IMA TB Initiative: GTN

·         GeneXpert (sputum diagnosis)
·         Treat and Trace (treat with daily fixed dose combination regimen and trace all contacts)
·         Notify @ Nikshay

Organ transplant

·         Mandatory required request for organ donation at death
·         100% IMA members should pledge their organs / tissues after cardiac or brain death

Blood Transfusion
·         IMA blood donation camps should only be component donation camps

IMA-PMSMA: 9th of every month

·         Provider antenatal care to all pregnant mothers on 9th of every month, for nine months, checking for nine parameters (blood tests, urine tests, blood pressure, ultrasound, weight, vaccination, high risk stratification, arrangements for institutional delivery, lifestyle counseling [diet, rest, breathing, relaxation]) and involving the paediatrician at ninth month

IMA Aao School Chale
·         5th of every month lets us sensitise school children

Ao Gaon/Slum Chalen: On first Sunday of the Month, let us sensitize the community and the families (Aao Ghar Ghar Chale)

IMA PvPI Initiative: Call and report any adverse event, side effect of treatment at 9717776514

Physicians’ Health First: All IMA members to have their annual check-up done between 30th July and 5th September.

Dr KK Aggarwal

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