Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Straight from the heart: A tribute to Dr VC Velayudhan Pillai

Dear Colleague

Dr VC Velayudhan Pillai has left us for his heavenly abode. His physical body may not be with us, but he will always remain the collective consciousness of IMA.

His services of over 25 years as an active Past National President will be missed and forever be remembered in the history of IMA. A person who never missed a central working committee or a central council meeting even after relinquishing as the Past National President during this period needs to be remembered every day as one of the “IMA Icons” of the country.

He was also the first to connect IMA with International scenario and also served as President of CMAAO.

Dr Vinay Aggarwal, Dr Ravi Wankhedkar and myself attended his last rites at Thiruvananthapuram yesterday. Dr RN Tandon was in Kolkata yesterday, where another leader Dr Rahul Dutta left his body.

I have personally learned a lot from him.

·         The importance of wearing the IMA pin
·         When I was elected the National President IMA, he gifted me his personal IMA pin
·         Never to say no, when any work is assigned for IMA
·         IMA comes first and everything later
·         Forget your differences and work for the profession

Team IMA announces the following resolutions in his memory:

·         All National Past Presidents of IMA shall be given National Honour after their physical body leaves IMA.
·         “Dr VCV Pillai Memorial Annual Address” shall be delivered at the installation ceremony on 28th December, as a part of the IMA Foundation Day. 
·         IMA is launching a National Program “Physician’s Health First” in the memory of Dr VC Pillai. Every year, the period between 30th July and 5th September shall be observed as a period for all IMA members to have their physical check-up done.

Obituary Resolution: Dr VCV Pillai

We, the members of Team IMA, are with IMA Kerala, the extended family of Dr VCV Pillai in their moment of grief and resolve that we will collectively keep him alive in our thoughts in working towards the betterment of the medical profession.

Dr Ketan Desai
Dr KK Aggarwal
Dr Vinay Aggarwal
Dr RN Tandon
Dr Ravi Wankhedkar
Dr A Marthanda Pillai
Dr R V Asokan &
Team IMA

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  1. Dr V C V Pillai, my elder brother, I am proud of.
    My eyes getting wet whenever I think of him.
    He is no God, he has his weaknesses too.
    I fought side by side him to foster our goals.
    His loss a big loss for all of us.