Monday, August 7, 2017

Personal opinion vs official opinion

Dr KK Aggarwal

As individuals we all have different opinions or viewpoints at the same time on any situation or a particular topic. At times, opinions may overlap when opinions are similar in some ways but not in every way. These are personal opinions.

An official opinion is the opinion of any organization or association i.e. an organized body of authority. It is the collective viewpoint of all members who make up that body and reflects the policy.

The National President or Hony Secretary General of the Indian Medical Association (IMA) usually voice the official stand of the association on any issue. But, they may have their personal opinion too or their own interpretation of a situation or issue.

When they state that this is the opinion of IMA, it has to be based on the collective consciousness of IMA. The opinion of the house has to be unanimous i.e. everyone is in total agreement with the said opinion.  

I usually put a viewpoint on an issue/situation in public domain and invite suggestions. Once I receive all suggestions and comments then it becomes IMA's stand.

 All Spiritual and Mind Body blogs that I write are my personal columns and views and do not reflect the stand of IMA on the topics covered therein.  

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this write up are entirely my own. 

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