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COVID 10 Medtalks around the globe 7th March

COVID 10 Medtalks around the globe 7th March

Dr KK Aggarwal
President CMAAO, HCFI and Past National : President IMA

March 7 (GMT): World meter

  • 1 new case in New Zealand: a woman in her 40s, partner of the third case [source]
  • 1 new case in Australia (Victoria): a doctor who had recently returned from the US [source]
  • 99 new cases (126 in Hubei), 28 new deaths (all in Hubei) and 1,678 new discharges occurred in China on March 6, as reported by the National Health Commission (NHC) of China. [source]
  • 1 new case in the United States (New Jersey): a male in his 50s hospitalized at Englewood Hospital and Medical Center in Bergen County [source]

March 6:

  • 98 new cases and 3 new deaths in the United States, including:
    - 1 new case in Rhode Island (third in the state): a female in her 60s, now at home with mild symptoms. who had direct, face-to-face contact with a confirmed case in New York in late February 
    - 1
    st case in Nebraska: a woman in her 30s from Douglas county who recently returned from England at the end of February. She started experiencing symptoms and was hospitalized at Methodist Hospital on March 5 [source]
    - 1
    st case in Connecticut: a nurse at Danbury Hospital [source]
    - 9
     new cases and 3 new deaths in Washington state [source] [source]
    - 1
    st case in Oklahoma: a man in his 50s resident in Tulsa County [source]
    11 new cases in Calfornia:
- 4 in Santa Clara County [source]
- 3 in Contra Costa County 
- 1 in Yolo County 
- 3 in Placer County who had traveled on the Grand Princess cruise ship from San Francisco to Mexico Feb. 11-21. Two had mild symptoms that have already resolved; the third currently has mild symptoms. All three are isolated at home and none required hospitalization. 
21 on the Grand Princess cruise ship off California [source]
st case in Kentucky, Lexington [source]
3 in Colorado: 2 residents of Denver 
[source] and of Colorado Springs: a man in his 40s who had traveled recently to California [source]
st case in Minnesota: an elderly person who had traveled on a cruise ship that had a confirmed case [source]
1 in Nevada: the case has a family member who is a student at Huffaker Elementary School in Reno, which has been closed "out of an abundance of caution" 
1 in Massachusetts: a parent in Wellesley with children in the Upham and Wellesley middle schools, were students were dismissed early in order to fully clean and sanitize the buildings 
1 in Georgia 
1 in Indiana (1
st in the state): an adult from Marion County who had traveled to Boston recently and had been at an event (Cambridge-based Biogen’s Boston conference) where other people have also tested positive. They returned to Indiana on Wednesday, March 4. [source]
1 in North Carolina (Chatham County): a man who had recently returned from Italy
2 in Pennsylvania (1
st in the state) [source]
22 in New York state 
[source] [source]
- 8 in Westchester County
- 3 in Nassau County 
- 11 connected to the original New Rochelle case
- first 2 cases in Colorado (Summit County): 1 is a 30-year old man who had traveled to Italy in February and was in contact with a confirmed case outside of Colorado. [source]
- first 3 cases in Maryland 
(Montgomery County): they had all recently traveled overseas [source]
  • 8 new cases and 1 new death in Iraq [source]
  •  1st case in Costa Rica: an American woman from New York [source]
  • 1 new case in Luxembourg [source]
  • 5 new cases in Argentina: 4 in Buenos Aires, 1 in Córdoba. They had all recently traveled to Europe [source]
  • 1st case in Colombia: a 19-year-old girl in Bogotá who was studying in Milan, Italy [source] [source]
  • 23 new cases in Austria [source] Several students and teachers affected. From now on, direct flights to Iran, South Korea and the two northern Italian cities of Milan and Bologna will no longer be carried. In addition, there are going to be "one-off health checks" on the borders with Italy. Those arriving from regions where there are travel warnings must provide confirmation from a doctor that they are not infected[source]
  • 5 new cases in Ireland[source]
    a male associated with travel from northern Italy
    a female who is a contact of a confirmed case
    a female healthcare worker in the south of the country who was in contact with a confirmed case
    a male from the south of the country with a travel history which is being investigated
    a female associated with travel from northern Italy
  • 2 new cases in North Macedonia [source]
  • 9 new cases in Palestine (Bethlehem) [source]
  • 230 new cases and 2 new deaths in France [source]
  • 119 new cases and 5 new deaths in Spain [source]
  • 778 new cases and 49 new deaths in Italy. Total cases: 4,636. Total deaths: 197. Active cases: 3,916.
    - Among the 3,916 active cases, 2,394 (61%) are hospitalized, 462 of which (representing 12% of active cases) are in intensive care.
    - Among the 720 closed cases, 523 (73%) have recovered, 197 (27%) have died.
  • 6 new cases in Lebanon[source]
  • 1 new case in Slovenia:
    - a doctor who had traveled abroad and had returned home via Italy 
    - a healthcare worker 
  • 1 new case in Vietnam: a 23-year old woman who had traveled to France, the UK and Italy [source]
  • 4 new cases in Israel [source]
  • 1 new case in Bosnia and Herzegovina: a middle-aged person who lives in Celinac who was in close contact with a previously confirmed case [source]
  • 94 new cases in Switzerland [source]
  • 4 new cases in Poland[source]
    - a man who rode on the same bus as the first case
    - two people who had recently returned from Italy
    - 1 person from Wrocław
  • 17 new cases in the United Arab Emirates including a 17-year old student [source]
  • 3 new cases in Romania:
    latest case: a 40-year old man from Hunedoara who had recently visited Bergamo, Italy 
    - a 51-year-old woman, admitted to Craiova, who came in contact with the Suceava case 
    - a young classmate of the 16-year-old boy who was diagnosed with coronavirus previously. The young woman has been transferred to the Victor Babes hospital in Timisoara 
  • 1 new case in Croatia [source]
  • 3 new cases in Qatar: 2 Qatari citizens and a family member of another nationality who had been evacuated from Iran. They are in isolation and in stable condition [source]
  • 8 new cases in Iceland [source]
  • 1st case in Togo: a 42-year old woman from Lome who had visited Benin, Germany, France and Turkey in late February and early March. [source]
  • 6 new cases in the Czeck Republic (3 added while the press conference announcing 3 new cases was in progress[source] [source]
  • 47 new cases and 1 new death in the UK, including: [source]
    - First Birmingham coronavirus case 
    5 new cases in Scotland, bringing the total to 11: Tayside, Ayrshire and Arran, Forth Valley, Greater Glasgow and Clyde, Grampian, Fife and Lothian 
    - 2 British Airways baggage handlers 
  • 4 new cases in Portugal: 3 are in the hospital center of São João, in Porto and "have an epidemiological link to previous cases", which indicates that the source of the infection is in Italy. The other case, for which no information was provided, is receiving treatment in a health care in Lisbon. [source]
  • 125 new cases in Germany [source]
  • 64 new cases and 2 new deaths in Spain [source]
  • 1 new case in Taiwan: a woman in her 50s [source]
  • 1 new case in Thailand: British businessman who left London on Feb. 28 and changed planes in Hong Kong on Feb. 29 before arriving in Thailand. He was in Hong Kong for about eight hours. [source]
  • 5 new cases in Bahrain [source]
  • 1 new case in the Dominican Republic (second case in the country): a Canadian tourist who was staying at a hotel in Bayahibe [source]
  • 6 new cases in Russia. All newly detected cases of coronavirus in the Russian Federation are “imported” from Italy [source] [source]
  • 46 new cases and 1st death in the Netherlands: an 86-year-year old man in Rotterdam whose source of infection is unknown [source] [source]
  • 2 new cases in San Marino [source]
  • 1st case in Peru: a 25-year-old man who was in SpainFrance and the Czech Republic [source]
  • 5 new cases in Brazil including the first in Bahia: a 34-year-old woman, resident of Feira de Santana, who was in Italy and returned to Brazil on Feb. 25 [source] [source] [source]
  • 3 new cases in Denmark [source]
  • 13 new cases in Singapore (largest single-day increase) [source]
  • 14 new cases in Greece (Zakynthos): part of the travel group who returned from the Holy Land in Israel. 3 from this group are in serious condition [source]
  • 3 new cases in Azerbaijan: they had all recently traveled to Iran [source]
  • 12 new cases in Egypt on a Nile cruise ship heading to the southern city of Luxor from Aswan [source]
  • 1st case in Slovakia: a patient aged 52 from a small, unspecified town in Slovakia, who has been hospitalized at the infectology clinic of the University Hospital in Bratislava. No recent travel history abroad, but his son - who does not show any symptoms of the virus - has been to Venice, Italy [source] [source]
  • 59 new cases in Belgium: total more than doubled since yesterday [source]
  • Total number of COVID-19 cases worldwide tops 100,000
  • 1,234 new cases and 16 new deaths in Iran [source]
  • 28 new cases in Malaysia [source]
  • 1 new case and 3 new recoveries in Taiwan [source]
  • 5 new cases in Estonia [source]
  • 42 new cases in Sweden. Total now tops 100 [source]
  • 2 new cases in Indonesia [source]
  • 1st case in Cameroon: a 58 years old French man who entered the country from France on Feb. 24 [source]
  • 1st case in Serbia: a 43-year-old man who traveled to Budapest [source] [source]
  • 1st case in Vatican City [source]
  • 1 new case in India: a person who has travelled to Thailand and Malaysia [source]
  • 1 new case in Pakistan [source]
  • 3 new cases in Finland [source]
  • 56 new cases in Japan
  • 309 new cases and 1 death in South Korea [source] [source]
  • 2 new cases in Norway (Bærum, Viken County). Total now tops 100 [source]
  • 2 new cases in the Philippines: a 48-year-old male Filipino with travel history to Japan and a 62-year-old male Filipino with no overseas travel history [source]
  • 17 new cases in Canada, including: [source]
    1 in Ontario: 
    a person who traveled to Las Vegas for an international conference [source]
    8 in British Columbia
    : 1 has no travel history, 2 had recently returned from Iran, 4 are linked to a previously confirmed case, 1 is connected to University Canada West where a presumptive case is being investigated [source]
    1 in Alberta: a woman in her 50s from the Calgary area who had been on board of the Grand Princess cruise ship, which is currently quarantined off the coast of California awaiting tests for all passengers and crew [source]
  • 1st case in Bhutan: a 76-year old American tourist who arrived in Bhutan on March 2 via India. [source]
  • 143 new cases (126 in Hubei), 30 new deaths (29 in Hubei) and 1,681 new discharges occurred in China on March 5, as reported by the National Health Commission (NHC) of China. [source]

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