Wednesday, July 24, 2013

How can ego be managed?

In Indian ancient Vedic literatures Snakes symbolizes Mind and Naga (Cobra) the Ego.  

The mind symbolizing Snake represents the duality and unpredictability of the mind, which can only be controlled by consciousness which is depicted by Lord Krishna not killing but controlling the mind (Kalia).

Ego is depicted in Vedic literature by Naga and is an essential component of ‘who you are” (mind, intellect, ego and consciousness).  

Ego is an essential part of life but one should learn to be ego fugal and not ego centric.  That means learn to have your ego in and not ego out.  There are certain Vedic principals for controlling ego.

Always control your ego by directing it towards consciousness.  You should be egoistic about your dharma and fulfill the values of life.  

Directing the ego towards consciousness is depicted by Sheshnag in the neck of Lord Shiva; Sheshnag protecting Krishna at the time of birth and Sheshnag protecting Lord Vishnu when sleeping in the ocean.  

Directing the ego towards consciousness shifts one from disturbed to undisturbed state of consciousness.

If one cannot control the ego then one must learn to kill it.  Ego cannot be killed by mind but can only be killed by taking conscious based decisions.  In Vedic language, Rama (consciousness) can only kill Ravana (ego), and in Mahabharata, Lord Krishna (consciousness) can only kill Kansa (ego). Lakshman (focused mind) cannot kill ego (Ravana).  Ego will always overpower the mind. 

Never hurt somebody else ego

It is also a Vedic saying that if you hurt somebody else ego, he or she will never leave you.  The festival of Nag Panchami is observed in the month of Shravan for the same reason.  

In Hanuman’s journey to Lanka, when Hanuman meets Simhika (ego) he could overpower her by observing humility which means he became smaller in size and came out of her mouth.  Humility therefore is the answer when somebody is in egoistic attack.  

In Nag Panchami, we worship Naga and offer milk, which again indicates learning and observing humility in front of egoistic behaviors. 

Following are the situations where you can hurt somebody else ego. 

1. Allegations of financial embezzlement
2. Calling a man as impotent.
3. Calling women as old.
4. Alleging somebody as a person of bad character.
5. Talking ill about the caste.
6. Talking ill about the religion.

There is an ancient saying that if you kill male Naga, the female Naga captures your picture and will always take revenge.  In terms of Vedic saying, it indicates that if you hurt somebody else’s ego his feminine ego will always keep it on the priority list in the mind and will take revenge at the earliest instance.

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