Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Spiritual blog: Meaning of Birthday

On the day of your birth, we should file our Vedic returns of good and bad we have done in the last one year.

We are borne with both Sanchit Karma and Prarabdha Karmas. Prarabdha Karma are the part of sanchit karma, a collection of past karmas, which are ready to be experienced through the present body.  We have to bear the fruits of Prarabdha Karmas while Sanchit Karmas can be negated with our positive present and future Karmas.

We must also make a balance sheet of our three debts and pay them if not paid by this time and they are Dev Rin (God who gave us the birth), Petra Rin (Parents who gave us the body) and Rishi Rin (Teachers who gave us the education)

On our birth, we must re-calculate our age as 100 minus age left or we must redefine our age by saying I am 18 years old with so many years of experience.

On our birthday, we should instead of extinguishing a lamp we should light a lamp.

Out of our Vedic earnings we must give tax of 30% to the God, that means if you have got a positive earnings by 100 happiness, you must pass happiness to 32 others.

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