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Why know all the pathies

Nature exists because of the presence of five elements – Air, Water, Earth, Space and Fire. Disruption of these five elements will result in natural disasters such as volcanic eruptions, hurricanes, earthquakes, landslides, floods, forest fire, rain storms etc. Balancing these five elements, therefore, is very important. These same five elements are responsible for formation of a body and these five elements can be balanced by using the five elements of the nature through nature cure. The science which deals with balancing these five elements and using them as a part of therapy is Naturopathy.

These five elements form three humors or Doshas called Movement, Metabolism and Structure (allopathy). These are termed as Vata, Pitta and Kapha in Ayurveda and Psora, Syphilis and Sycosis in Homoeopathy. As per theDosha theory, the body has to perform three functions as to provide structure to have movement and metabolism as the main function. Imbalance of the three Doshas is responsible for disease and the science which deals with balancing the Doshas is Ayurveda.

These three Doshas in the body form seven Dhatus which are formed from the food eaten. The seven dhatus are: Rasa (Plasma), Rakta (Blood), Mamsa (Muscle), Medha ( adipose tissue),  Asthi (Bone), Majja (Bone marrow), and Shukra (sperms and ova). These seven Dhatus are formed in a sequence. Any impairment in this formation at any step will have dhatu formation above that step and impaired dhatus formation below that step. For example, a Dhatu dysfunction at the level of muscle ( mamsa)  will have normal Rasa and Rakta but impaired Medha, Asthi and Majja.

The seven dhatus form cells and the organs, which are the basis of allopathic modern medicine. Balancing of Doshas and dhatus is handled by Ayurveda.

As per modern system of medicine, human body is made up of matter. If you break the matter, it is converted into atoms, sub atomic particles – protons, electrons, neutrons, photons, quantum, energy and ultimately void in sequence. Therefore, a matter can be converted into non-matter.

Non-matter can be at the level of energy or void. The science which deals with drugs which work at the level of matter can be allopathy (drugs working at the level of receptors), homoeopathy (similarly acting drugs in tincture form) and Ayurveda.

When non matter is used as therapy in the form of energy, the science is potentized homeopathy or bharma therapy in Ayurveda.  This form of therapy may have no traces of elementary substances in its formulation.
The science which deals with the void or consciousness and makes one aware of this consciousness is Yoga and Meditation.
Void is beyond energy. Energy is produced by combining various individual waves present in the void. This void with energy uses the so-called Higgs Boson particle, which attracts different waves to convert the non-matter into matter. 
This void which is the potential has no dimensions or weight and can be equated to the consciousness which ultimately makes the matter.

Therefore, all the above branches of medicine work at different levels and do not compete with each other and, therefore, can be combined. 

As Chanakya said, it is important for one to practice ones profession by knowing the weaknesses and strength of other competitors.

Unless at the MBBS level we are taught the strengths and weaknesses of other pathies, we will never be able to justify our pathy or justify combining it with other pathies in complicated cases.

 We often make a mistake and tell a patient that this disease has no cure. This should never be said. Instead, we can say that there is no cure for this disease in my pathy or I have no cure for this disease.

Consciousness can also be understood by way of a computer. In computer language, my physical body is hardware, my Pran Vayu is electricity, Udaan Vayu is operating software, my mind is MS Word, my intellect is MS Excel, my ego is MS PowerPoint and my consciousness is the local internet connection called www.god.com/drkkaggarwal. And this page will be connected to a bigger internet in the cloud called www.GOD.com/drkkaggarwal.

This will similarly connect each one of us. Whatever I speak, a temporary Internet File is made and is posted in my page in the cloud internet. If you are connected at that particular moment, you can read my file. Therefore, all of us are interconnected with each other through the cloud consciousness called God.

The body has a receptor (lock) for each and every drug (key) and these receptors (locks) were not made by God for drugs (key) to be invented by pharmaceutical companies. The very fact that my body has a Lock means that I have an original key (drug) i.e. my body has the capacity to produce each and every that drug. My body is the largest pharmaceutical armamentarium in the world and my consciousness contains the key for each and every receptor in my body. 

One can use artificial keys (pharma drugs) when the original key is lost (till it is found), key is broken (till it is reformed) or key is lost permanently (you need lifelong medication).
 It is possible to combine most of the pathies provided you have read about these systems and understand them. Ayurveda can give answer to many unanswered questions in allopathy.
1.             As per Ayurveda, in acute heart attack, a Vata person will get chest pain, Pitta person will get chest burning and Kapha will get chest discomfort.
2.              As per Ayurveda, in acute rheumatoid fever, a Vata child will present with joint pain, pitta child with joint inflammation and Kapha child with joint fluid accumulation.
3.              Alcohol will cause intoxication in Vata people, liver failure in Pitta people and liver damage in Kapha people.
4.              Using the above mentioned Dhatu theory, it is possible to know which organ will be spared or which organ will be involved in a particular disease. For example, disease of Rasa and Rakta, plasma and blood disorder will have protean manifestations and we do see this in sepsis.
5.              According to Ayurveda, we have five different types of movements: Pran Vayu and Udaan Vayu (controls the brain stem reflexes); Vyaan Vayu (controls the cardiovascular movements); Samana Vayu (controls the GI movements) and Apana Vayu (controls expelling movement like urine and stool). Brain stem death, which is unexplained in Allopathy is best described in Ayurveda. Ayurveda states that Pran Vayu and Udan Vayu leave the body in brain stem death; the remaining three Vayus can stay and managed with the help of ventilator. Therefore, in a patient with brain stem death, you can have complete gastrointestinal function, normal circulation function and normal urination in the body.

Vedic philosophy 
1.             As per Vedanta, stress is the reaction of the mind to interpretation of a known situation. Therefore, stress management technique involves change of interpretation (cognitive behavior therapy); preparing the body and the mind to bear the stress( yoga) and or to change the situation. 
2.             The science which deals with stress management teaches us to shift from the sympathetic to parasympathetic mode and involves pranayama, meditation, relaxation techniques etc.
3.              As per Vedic text, one link between your consciousness and the physical body is the Triad of Man, Budhi and Atma (Mind, intellect and ego). Vedantic or spiritual medicine deals with managing mind, intellect and ego and shifting one from disturbed to undisturbed state of consciousness.
4.             Pranayama is the gist of Vedic treatment and involves slower and deeper breathing. It shifts one’s awareness away from the sympathetic mode of wear and tear to the parasympathetic mode, which is healing and relaxing and enables one to be in touch with the consciousness, which provide roots for self cure by producing internal environment of healing through production of natural drugs. 
 5.              Slower and deeper breathing can be learnt by various pranayama techniques ( also called parasympathetic breathing techniques), which involve abdomino-thoracic al breathing. This procedure can be combined with various sounds to provide parasympathetic healing. 
6.             In Vedic text, chanting of vowel sounds produces interleukin-2, a painkiller and the chanting of nasal consonants produces delta activity in the EEG. It is the same delta activity which is seen after one takes a tranquilizer such as Diazepam. In medical science, therefore, chanting of Aum, which is a combination of a vowel sound and a nasal consonant, will provide physical and mental healing. 
7.             Quite often in Vedic scriptures, the first stage of hypnosis treatment is based on the theory that a relaxed mind is amenable for self cure. In a relaxed state of mind, you are in touch with your consciousness and whatever intent you have, it is likely that the body will try to fulfill it by producing various medical reactions. This therapy is used in Vedic science in the ways of visualization meditation which can help cure many disorders, one example being migraine.
8.              Most of our rituals were made to heal and provide natural cure. For example:
a.             Santoshi Mata Ka Vrata was observed every Friday by menstruating ladies to prevent iron deficiency anemia as they were supposed to take Gur (iron) and Chana (proteins) on an empty stomach (Vrata).
b.             The weekly Vrata of ancient times (not eating cereals once in a week) was responsible for preventing metabolic syndrome at that time.
c.             The daily Baithak in a mourning period for 13 days after the death of a near one was the original Narration 

Exposure Therapy.
d.             The first successful CPR was done by Savitri on Satyavan.
e.             The first successful IVF was the birth of Kartikeya.
f.              The first successful asexual reproduction was the birth of Lord Ganesha.
g.             The first successful head transplant was of Lord Ganesha
h.             The Bhagwad Gita, where Lord Krishna gives 18 sessions to Arjuna is cognitive behavior therapy. In the first session, he only listens to him, in the second session he gives detailed counseling, from third to seventeenth session, he reasons out everything, creates fear (Virat Swaroop) and yet consoles (I am with you) and in the last session, again revises what he has taught.
i.              The concept of Neti Neti again formed the basis for differential diagnosis in medical treatment.
j.              Parasympathetic breathing originated from Pranayama.
k.             The nasal wash technique practiced all over the world, once again were originated from Jalneti of yoga.
l.              The parasympathetic exercise of west today originated from traditional yoga.
m.           Haldi or curcumin today has been proven to contain tumor necrosis factor (TNF) alpha blocker. TNF promotes inflammatory response in the body.
n.             Red pepper today has been proven to contain agents that heal neuropathic pains.

I personally feel we should follow the directions of Chanakya and every pathy should be introduced in modern system of medicine so that we know the weaknesses and strengths of these pathies. Unless we know that we will not be able to justify our system of medicine.

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  1. Indeed, Sir. I too believe that. All these pathies must be incorporated in someway in our Indian system of Medical education and practice to streamline it.