Friday, July 19, 2013

Spiritual Prescriptions - Prefer Meditation and Not Medication

Meditation and not medication should be the first line of treatment for most lifestyle disorders.

The very fact that our body has a receptor for each and every drug means it has the capacity to produce that drug. God never made these receptors for pharmacological agent drugs.

The key lies in achieving the undisturbed state of consciousness, which can be obtained by either controlling the disturbed state of mind or by-passing it by using the mantra.

The subject of spiritual medicine should be included in schools, colleges and medical sciences.

Confession and communication are two easy modules of controlling the disturbed state of mind.

As darkness is absence of light, negative thoughts are absence of positive thoughts. To reduce negative thoughts, one should inculcate positive thoughts, actions and behaviors.

One cannot hate a stranger. One can only hate a person whom he or she has 
loved. Hatred is therefore withdrawal of love, and it can only be removed by bringing the love back.

By the process of meditation, it has been shown that diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, paralysis, asthma and acid-peptic disease can be kept under control with out or with minimal medicines.

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