Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Fictions and COVID 19

Fictions and COVID 19

Dr KK Aggarwal
President CMAAO, HCFI and Past National President IMA

Normally introduction of a new vaccine takes at least 18 months and only in rare exceptional circumstances it can be introduced in the market in 12 months.

Most pharmaceutical companies are scared that Corona virus will last in the circulation only for 6 months and will never come back like SARS and why spend billions of dollars in research.

There are postulations that COVID 19 is a part of bioterrorism or the virus was being manufactured in one of the Chinese laboratories.

These speculations basically come from Hollywood and Bollywood movies which shows that the villain is ready to manufacturer a virus and the hero of the film will produce an Antivirus within no time to save the community.

But remember these are fictions and not a reality.

If it was a reality, then the lab will make anti vaccine first both to commercially exploit it and save their own people

The Chinese government in this epidemic lockdown their own 5 crore people.  All
Susceptible to get the disease. The expected deaths with the current rate of spread is 5000.

It doesn't make sense for any government or a terrorist body to make bioweapons without making an antidote for it.

Most of the WhatsApp’s are spreading these messages for them to become viral.

People compare them with what has been written in the fiction stories in the past and any similarities are a mere coincidence.

Remember viruses like SARS, smallpox ate still in the labs and Bollywood and Hollywood movies will still go on making fictions on these viruses.

New York Times: China’s critics seize on fringe theory of virus
There’s no evidence for it, and scientists dismiss it. But a rumor about the coronavirus has nevertheless gained traction: that the outbreak was somehow manufactured by the Chinese government as part of a biowarfare program.

It’s the kind of story that resonates with those who see Beijing as a threat to the West. The theory has gained an audience with the help of powerful critics of the Chinese government, including right-wing media outlets and a U.S. senator, Tom Cotton of Arkansas, who later walked his claims back.
Reality: Experts dismiss the idea that the virus was created by human hands, saying it resembles SARS and other viruses that come from bats.

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