Thursday, February 20, 2020

Over 21% may get infected with COVID 19 if you stay in close contact for two weeks

Over 21% may get infected with COVID 19 if you stay in close contact for two weeks
Dr KK Aggarwal
President CMAAO, HCFI and Past National President IMA

20th Feb: Coronavirus continues to spread in China, its growth appears to be slowing: On Wednesday, for the second straight day, the authorities reported fewer than 2,000 new cases. But cases outside China continue to rise including deaths.  
Shortly after reporting its first two coronavirus cases, Iran reported two deaths. Deaths in mainland China reached 2,004, while Hong Kong reported a second death.
79 new cases on the Diamond Princess cruise ship in Japan. So far, a total of 621 infected people were found among 3,011 passengers and crew members tested (21% infection rate) out of 3,711 total people on the ship.
So, “It could be unwise for anybody in China, or outside China, to be complacent that this is coming under control at this point in time,” said the chief of virology at the University of Hong Kong.
Dr. Iwata, the infectious disease expert, said he had visited the ship with the goal of advising public health officials on how to prevent the further spread of infection. He expressed astonishment at what he had seen and took to YouTube to share his findings. Health ministry officials, crew members and psychiatrists mingled and ate together, Dr. Iwata said, with some in full protective gear and others not — a violation of ordinary procedures. He said that the Japanese authorities had taken only “half measures” and “did not protect” the 3,700 passengers and crew members on the ship.
So, the take home message is the virus is highly infectious and can infect over r 20% of cases if they live together without proper precautions. Its not only air droplet infection but also passes thorough the contact from the surfaces.
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