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Corona Medtalks Around the Globe `1st March

Corona Medtalks Around the Globe `1st March

New cases 

Dr KK Aggarwal
President CMAAO, HCFI and Past National President IMA

United States

  1st death in the United States in Washington State. 
Travel advisory raised to level 4: Do not travel to specific regions in Italy and South Korea.
Travel from Iran banned.
Recent new cases in Washington State, Oregon and California suggest local, person-to-person spread of the virus in the United States.
3 new cases in the United States earlier today:         
1 in Washington State: a 18-year-old student from Jackson High School in Mill Creek with no travel history to an outbreak area who on Feb. 24 had body aches, chills and a headache. After feeling better, he returned to school, before test results came out on Feb. 28. The school will be closed for a few days of deep disinfecting.
 1 in Washington State: a woman in her 50s with confirmed travel to Daegu, South Korea.
 1 in Oregon   

1 new case in Mexico: a man who had traveled to Northern Italy with 2 previously confirmed cases   
5 new cases in Canada including: 
 a woman in York Region, 34, who had just returned from Iran
 a woman in Durham region, 51, who had just returned from Iran, and her husband, 69
 a man, always in Ontario, in his 80s with a travel history to Egypt


  1st case in Ireland: a man in the eastern part of the country who "returned from northern Italy, had symptoms, identified himself, was brought to hospital and confirmed as a positive case for coronavirus.”   
5 new cases in the Netherlands:
 1: a woman in Delft who was in Lombardy, Italy last week   
 2: daughter and wife of the patient hospitalized in Tilburg who recently visited Lombardy, Italy.   
 2: the "partner and the youngest child of the patient who is in home isolation in Diemen"   
  1st case in Luxembourg: a man around the age of 40 who returned from Italy through Charleroi last week with his family. He is doing well. Family members (with no symptoms) have been placed in quarantine. Contact tracing (to isolate his contacts) is being performed.   
25 new cases in Spain   
Current distribution and new cases today (+)
15 in the Valencia area (+7)
10 in Madrid (+5)
10 in Andalusia (+4)
6 in Catalonia (+3)
7 in the Canary Islands (+1)
2 in Castile and León
3 in the Basque Country (+1)
2 in the Balearic Islands (+1)
1 in Asturia (+ 1)
1 in Cantabria (+1)
1 in Navarra (+1)
0 in Aragon (previous confirmation retracted    )
New cases include:
 a woman in Majorca
 a 52-year-old woman in Girona who had recently traveled to Italy
 man in Sant Cugat del Vallès (north of Barcelona) "who was in intimate contact with one of the previously confirmed cases" as reported by health authorities.
  239 new cases and 8 new deaths in Italy. Among the 1,049 active cases, 401 (38%) are hospitalized, and 105 (10%) are in intensive care. Among the 79 closed cases, 50 (63%) have recovered, 29 (37%) have died.      
  43 new cases in France bringing the total in the country to 100. New cases include:      
3 health workers at the Tenon Hospital in Paris who were contaminated by a patient who is in intensive care since Feb. 21.   
“All public gatherings of more than 5,000 people in a confined space are temporarily banned across France,” Health Minister Olivier Veran told journalists. The Paris half-marathon scheduled for Sunday, March 1 has been cancelled as a consequence.
8 new cases in Norway, bringing the total to 15 in the country. Among the new cases, 4 are in Bergen and 3 are employees of the Ullevål University Hospital in Oslo. The authorities know the source of contagion for all 15 cases which are all linked to outbreaks abroad.   
10 new cases in Switzerland, of which:
4 in the circle of the two children of an Italian family in Graubünden who tested positive last week.   

1 new case in Croatia
3 new cases in the U.K: 2 had recently traveled to Italy, 1 to Asia.   
 1 in Gloucestershire
 1 in Berkshire
1 in Hertfordshire
1 new case in Georgia: a Georgian citizen who, having returned from Iran and showing high fever, was immediately taken to Tbilisi Infectious Hospital from the border checkpoint.   
1 new case in Sweden, bringing the total to 12 in the country: 5 in Västra Götaland, 3 in the Stockholm region, 2 in the Jönköping Region, 2 in the Uppsala Region.
1 new case in Norway: an employee at the eye department at Ullevål University Hospital in Oslo, as tests were conducted on 4 staff members with symptoms after that, on Feb. 28, Covid-19 infection was confirmed in a staff member who had traveled to Northern Italy, showed symptoms on Sunday but still went to work on Monday and Tuesday.   
1 new case in Denmark: an employee at the Aarhus University Hospital in northern Denmark.   
5 new cases in Germany.
 Feb. 20: Italy's outbreak begins.
 Feb. 26: “We are at the beginning of a coronavirus epidemic in Germany,” said German Health Minister Jens Spahn, adding that infection chains can no longer be tracked in Germany    . The German government saw no need to advise its citizens against travel to Italy   
 Feb. 28: German government announced that travelers arriving from South Korea, Japan, Italy and Iran must declare their health status upon arrival. Passengers from China were already required to do so.
3 new cases in Austria, (where 1,649 tests were done, with 10, or 0.6%, testing positive)    including a couple from the Korneuburg district in Lower Austria. The woman is now hospitalized, the man is isolated at home.


5 new cases in Iraq
2 new cases in the UAE
3 new cases in Bahrain   
3 new cases in Lebanon   
  1st case in Qatar   
  205 new cases and 9 deaths in Iran. 5 Iran parliament members have so far tested positive for the virus. Azerbaijan closes the border with Iran over coronavirus concerns.      


1 new case in Brazil (second in the country): as with the first case, the person was in Italy   
1st case in Ecuador: an Ecuadorian citizen, resident of Spain, who entered Ecuador on Feb. 14 without showing any symptom.   


573 new cases, 35 new deaths (of which 34 in Hubei) and 2,623 new discharges occurred in China on Feb. 29, as reported by the National Health Commission (NHC) of China.   
2 new cases in Pakistan
4 new cases and 3 new discharges in Singapore   
  813 new cases and 1 new death in South Korea.         
1 new case in Thailand
5 new cases in Taiwan
8 new cases in Japan:
 1: a 20-year-old nurse in Tokyo who had contact with a patient who died of coronavirus
 1: a nurse in her 30s in Kochi
 1: a men in his 60s in Niigata City
 1: a woman in her 60s, a woman in her 30s, and a women in her 20s who work in Sapporo
 3: woman in her 90s who lives in Tomakomai
 1: a 70-year-old male in Sendai City (Tohoku region) who, having tested negative, got off the Diamond Princess cruise ship on Feb. 20. On Feb. 28, however, he complained of low-grade fever and sore throat. On Feb. 29, he tested positive to Covid-19. He is in mild condition.   

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